Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend On Wheels


Happy Monday everyone! This weekend passed WAY too quickly! Kind of like any weekend in the summer where you are having tons of fun!

This weekend started out on Friday afternoon packing up the Jeep after work to head to Pembroke to visit Ryan’s parents where they were camping at Riverside park. We joined them and his Aunt Shirley, cousin Katelyn and nephew Nathan.

Motocross 004

We had a yummy supper, a competitive game of Yahtzee and a good time visiting with everyone around the camp fire. We bunked into the trailer for a good nights sleep.

Motocross 002

In the morning, after breakfast, Ryan and I headed back home. He cut the grass at his own house while I worked on my new flower beds. In the afternoon, Ryan headed off to go golfing and I had an amazing time puttering around the house and hogging the T.V! I made supper for myself and watched a whole bunch of useless television….Real Housewives, Love It or List It, Say Yes To The Dress…..The list can go on! :-)

Sunday morning I successfully slept in till 8:00 AM! Woo hoo! Somebody else was up early eager to get the day started. We were going to Motocross racing!

Motocross 008

We packed up again and headed to Richmond, Ontario to the Sand Del Lee race track to watch the CMRC Pro Nationals.

I have to admit I was SO not looking forward to going. In fact, Ryan pretty much bribed me with supper to go! But, once I got there I was impressed. These guys (and girls) are really amazing athletes! They are physically in great shape and they have to be mentally prepared for all the shape corners and huge jumps!

Motocross 015

The day was so hot but it was fun to watch something new and gain respect for a new sport. My bribery supper afterwards was pretty good too!!

How was your weekend?

Happy Monday!


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  1. Oddly enough, I think motorcross could be cool to see in person! :)... I know call me weird :)