Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wedding Wednesday – To Veil Or Not To Veil….

Hey guys! Sorry for the delay! A family emergency came up and I never had time to post this, even though it was ready. Happy Thursday!


Happy Wednesday everyone! Mundane Wednesday use to make me a little blue but not anymore! I actually look forward to the middle of the week because it allows me to share with you another aspect of the wedding.

As you can probably guess by the title today I’m talking about the veil! It has been a question that was lingering in my mind. To veil or not to veil that is the question.

The veil tradition is said to have begun in ancient Rome. People in that era believed that evil spirits would be attracted to the bride, so they would cover her face with a veil in order to conceal her features and confuse them.

It is also said that in the medieval times, the veil was used to protect the bride from the “evil eye” and was a symbol of purity, chastity and modesty. 

Today the veil is worn more as bridal fashion then symbolizing any traditions.  At times, today’s brides opt for no veil at all. Which was what I thought I wanted.

hair down bride

When I first thought about my appearance for the wedding day I thought that my hair would be down and I would throw the veil tradition out the door! I wanted to be a more relaxed modern bride.

How quickly that changed when I started trying on wedding dresses. I realized I wasn’t a fashion forward bride (or girl in general) and doing something “funky” just wouldn’t be me.

One of the first bridal magazines that I read had a section for traditions. Under veil the editor wrote, “Wear a veil! It is the one time in your life that you can and you may grow to regret it through the years if you don’t.”

That really struck a cord for me and I realized that if I didn’t have a veil I would probably regret it. In my opinion a veil isn’t something that is going to go out of style like puffy sleeves on a dress!


So, how does a bride-to-be choose a veil length? Easy, you google, “how to choose veil length?” I love google! :-)

It brings you too this super easy chart that describes the different length’s for you! I must be pretty clueless because most of these lengths I was oblivious to!


After staring at this diagram long enough I have come to the conclusion that I would like either a Waltz length or Ankle length which I think will add to the romantic look my dress give's off. <--- A little dress hint. But for that final decision I will have to wait until “the” dress comes in!

Now for some input ladies! If you are married, did you wear a veil? If you are not married, would you wear a veil? What length appeals to you? I’d love to hear how we all differ or are alike! (Survey at the top of the page)

Have a great day!



  1. At first I was thinking about wearing a veil, but I decided not to wear one. Instead, I had two clip-in flowers that I wore. Also, my hair was down. For the ceremony, I had the tiffany blue flower in my hair that matched my sash. For the reception, I changed the flower to a pink, as well as my sash. That's also when my dress changed from the ceremony style to the short dress for the ceremony.

  2. When I first glanced at this post, I was afraid that picture of the "outdated" bridesmaid dress was the one you wanted us to wear! haha!!

    I think you should wear a veil - when you tried one on with the dress at the store, it looked gorgeous. Just one of those special "bride" touches! :)

  3. I wore a veil. Mine didn't come over the front, it just stayed in back (if that makes sense). I've also heard the length depends on the formality of your wedding also. I'm not sure how true that is and I really think it's all a matter of your opinion :). Mine was a little longer than shoulder length but I don't think it was waist length, although it might have been. Your wedding day will be such a blur, I'm surprised I remember what I do... which is mostly b/c I looked back at pictures and then remembered :)

  4. I wore a veil but didn't have it covering my face when I walked down the aisle and I loved it. However, the last wedding I attended, the father of the bride pulled back the veil and he didn't lay it back nicely. The maid of honor didn't fix it either, and it drove us married gals in the audience crazy to see the puffy lopsided veil. We felt so bad for the bride. Just make sure your dad is careful, or the maid of honor is gonna have to be not bashful about walking right up and straightening it.

  5. oh my goodness I hope everything is ok.

    I for one love veils!

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    PS: No veil...:)

  7. Wow, I think I just learned a lot!