Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wedding Wednesday – Say Yes To The Dress


Happy Wednesday everyone! It kind of feels a bit surreal since I just did a weekend recap yesterday and now we’re half way through the week? Interesting…..

Today for Wedding Wednesday I’d like to elaborate on a very crucial aspect of the wedding (without sounding too shallow) THE dress!

It is SO true what they say. Once you find the dress the rest of the planning seems easy! I wish I had been one of those girls who dreamed about what she was going to wear. Sure, I had an idea at what I might like, what bride going though magazines wouldn’t? However, it all became a little overwhelming when you realize you have to pick one dress, for one of the most important days of your life.

*Cue breathing deeply into paper bag*

I was NOT looking forward to the process of finding a bridal gown. I was avoiding the topic at all costs. There were a few reasons…..

1. I was overwhelmed that a girl like me, who rarely dresses up, had to put on a fancy dress. It felt like I was going to be a fraud, a phony. I’m a farm girl, not a princess.

2. Too many freaking choices! There are so many choices out there! Styles, cuts, colors! AHHH Where to start?

3. You know those people that are all, “I’m a pear shape” well I’m a woman and as far as I can tell my body doesn’t look like a piece of fruit. It looks like me and I wasn’t too confident in what dress style/cut would look good on “me”.

Luckily, for me, somebody was smiling down on me when we first met with the wedding planner at her location, inside a bridal boutique! (Marry Me Productions) It was hard not to look around when trying to discuss aspects of our wedding.

Even luckier, there was time for me to try on a couple of dresses for the fun of it!

I picked out a couple of dresses that I thought I wanted. Both being lace with a few special details. I mean, vintage themed wedding, you have to have lace right?


WRONG! Lace and I did not mesh well and my biggest fears were coming true.

Jasmine the WONDERFUL salesperson from The White Dress saw the distress and pulled a dress that she thought I would like! I took one look at it on the hanger and was all “Oh no, that is so me, but I’ll humor you”.

Jasmine helped me into the dress and as soon as I turned around in the mirror, I smiled. I knew. I walked out into the viewing area and my Mom was blown away.

I was sure it was the one but Jasmine recommended that Mom and I go to another bridal salon to try on other dresses to compare. Talk about being confident in her product! She knew we would be coming back!

One afternoon Mom and I did go to another store. 2 hours and over 20 dresses later, I called to come back with my crew in tow to see the original pick!

A little confusion took place around this time because this dress was everything I thought I did NOT want. If I had any piece of advice to any brides, try on stuff you think you don’t like and trust the salesperson!

I knew when I had picked “the one” that I needed my ladies with me! I needed/craved their opinions. I was a little mean however in not telling them which dress was “mine”.

W.D Shopping 016

I let them pick a few dresses, one being a dress that looked good on the hanger and like a joke on me! It made for lots of laughs! There was one beautiful dress that I think they thought was the winner until the last dress, my dress.

It was done. With the approval of some of the most important ladies in my life, it was a done deal. This was what I will be wearing when I walk down the aisle to my soon to be husband!

I am so thankful that the daunting task that I had anticipated in wedding dress shopping went so smoothly! It was like the dress jumped out and picked me!

I’d love to tell you more about the details of the dress but you’ll have to wait until after May 12, 2012. 




  1. Glad you found the dress... I only tried on 4 dresses, and I chose #2... #1 was one that I thought I would love and it looked horrible on me. #2 had some lace and I was unsure about but it was the BEST. I took a month before actually going back and trying it on and buying it. I new it was the one when I dreamt about it everynight until I went back!

  2. I loved your dress! It was actually the inpiration of what I thought I wanted. However, lace just didn't work for me like it did for you. I had the same thing, I would be day dreaming about "the dress" once I knew it was "it". Happy Wednesday! xo

  3. Your dress is gorgeous - so glad I got a "sneak peek"!! haha!! You're going to look amazing!!

  4. Ok so the dress you have in this post is absolutely gorgeous! :) but you're right, trust the sales people, they do this for a living :)

  5. How fun you got your dress!! Everything else just falls into place now! Can't wait to see you in it!

  6. You look gorgeous in your dress . Thank you for including me when you picked your dress..

  7. I fell in love with the first dress i saw and it was PERFECT! Have fun and enjoy married life! It's the best! x