Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lindsay Goes West – Part 2

Finally, after two (very long) days of driving we were Calgary and went straight to bed! I am not someone who easily sleeps in, even on vacation, but I was so exhausted from the 33 hour drive that I actually slept in and it felt wonderful!

Sure, Amanda and I could have bunkered down in Saskatchewan and then driven to Calgary on Tuesday. However, Tuesday morning, when I woke up already in Calgary with an extra day to spend not on the road, I was thankful we had pushed and driven through the night.

Tuesday was spend unpacking, relaxing and picking up some groceries and stuff! It was so nice to recuperate!

Ryan and I agreed to make homemade pizza for supper that night but we were all in bed pretty early considering some of us were still trying to catch up on sleep!

Wednesday, it was off to Cross Iron Mills mall in Calgary, Alberta. I loved this mall! It had so much to do and a had shops for everyone! The boys were really excited that their was a Bass Pro Shop! They could stock up on some hunting and fishing supplies!

Calgary 2001 015

Amanda and I were happy to let them do as they pleased as we went to the “girly” stores! We all met up for lunch at the arcade and had fun playing some games afterwards!

After the mall, it was time to head back to get gussied up for supper! We were eating at the Japanese Village in downtown Calgary and I was so looking forward to seeing this restaurant! I’ve always wanted to go to restaurant where they cook the food right in front of you!!

Calgary 2001 018

It was such a neat experience and the food was amazing! It was 5 courses and by the end we were stuffed! It was really fun to get dressed up and go to a new fun restaurant!

Calgary 2001 016

With full bellies we decided to go to the Casino, each with $20 in our hands! I was the only one that was winning! I had never been to a Casino before! I was up $40 from my $20. Well, I guess this inexperienced gambler got greedy and lost it all! I was in shock! But I learnt a valuable lesson!

Thursday we were all up with the birds to head to Banff and Lake Louise!!! It was so amazing to drive from “flattish” Calgary and head into the Rockies! It really is one of the most amazing scenes I had ever seen!! They looked fake!

Calgary 2001 021

Calgary 2001 024

We all went up the gondola and Ryan had a bit of a melt down! Poor guy is deathly afraid of heights and refused to look up! ha ha! But I got a good picture of Amanda and Josh!

Calgary 2001 022

Finally, we were off the gondola but we proceeded to hike even higher!! 

Calgary 2001 026

Ryan at the top, amazing!

Calgary 2001 053

All of us together at the top!

Calgary 2001 057

We made our way back down and little piece down the road to Bow Lake trail for some photo ops!

Calgary 2001 059

Amanda had a great idea of having a picnic lunch on a hilltop overlooking Banff! On our way up we saw a mountain goat right on the side of the road!

Calgary 2001 072

This is our the view from our picnic spot! It was breathtaking and so enjoyable just sitting there relaxing!

Calgary 2001 074

Calgary 2001 075

The wall overlooking Banff! Our next stop was the famous Lake Louise.

To be continued…..



  1. Beautiful pics! Makes me want to go!!!

  2. If Ryan is deathly afraid of heights, can he fly? Does that bother him?

    And beautiful scenery!!

  3. I know how Ry feels about heights . I would have a hard time going up on that thing to. Glad that you's had a great time. xoxox

  4. Ryan, I feel your pain. I hate the gondola ride and am too scared to walk around outside up top. Great pictures, its a lovely place to go for sure.