Monday, September 5, 2011

A Sure Sign You’re Growing Up…..

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had an amazing weekend! I know I did! Most people are off work today (in Canada) because it is Labor Day long weekend! Around these parts that’s known as SHAWVILLE FAIR WEEKEND!

Every year growing up I would SOOO look forward to the fair. When I was smaller it was the rides and games. The older I got the more I appreciated the bands and the beer tent! Either way it was an event I loved to partake in every year. Until now….

Don’t get me wrong, I still love the fair. It’s a sure sign of fall, which has to be my most favorite season! In fact, I even went to the fair for a while this year too! However, I really didn’t get excited over the anticipation of the upcoming local fair like I use to!

I’m SO over standing in line for rides! The games and food are just so expensive and now I look forward to sleeping in my own bed so I want to drive home (which means no drinks for me).

Fair 2010 009

I’ll always go to the fair and support the awesome event. But for this year anyways, I just wasn’t into it. I know I am far from being “old” but I can’t help looking back onto my care free fair days! The fun that was had was sometimes reckless, and silly but it still made for a lot of great memories.

Fall 2009 038

Fall 2009 058

On a more upbeat note, yesterday marked 2 years since I have started blogging! Wow!! This blog has become such a wonderful place and community for me. Not only do I have a great writing outlet but I’ve met some get people along the way too! Thank you to all of you who follow! It is greatly appreciated!

Happy Monday!


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