Friday, September 16, 2011

Lindsay Goes West – Part 3

It was such a clear, sunny perfect day on Thursday to go see the famous Rockies! It is one of those things that is hard to imagine but in person, it’s humbling.

About an hours drive away from Banff was Lake Louise, which is where we were heading next. It was a very busy spot, full of tourists like us!

Calgary 2001 078

Lake Louise was so beautiful. The water was this amazing teal color. The backdrop was the mountains with lots of glacier ice! I thought I had finally seen the most beautiful place on earth…I was wrong.

On our way back down from Lake Louise we decided to take a 11 km road into another spot, Lake Moraine. The most beautiful place I had ever seen in my life.

Calgary 2001 090

Lake Moraine’s water has similar water color to that of Lake Louise because of the glacier water. However, Lake Moraine was so quiet in comparison to Lake Louise because of the long drive it takes to get there.

Calgary 2001 089

The backdrop to Lake Moraine (aka the Rockies) is much closer. It is so peaceful. The smell of the pines surrounding the area was amazing! It was so pure and clean. I didn’t want to leave!

Calgary 2001 094

If you ever get a chance, visit all these spots but be sure to make time for Lake Moraine, I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

Calgary 2001 103

For supper we stopped in at Boston Pizza where the boys got to enjoy their Schooner beers.

Calgary 2001 110

Friday we were up early again and on the road to Edmonton, to go to West Edmonton Mall! (EEK!) I was so excited to see this massive mall! My favorite line from the whole week happened on the drive to Edmonton. Josh was getting upset at another driver and give him the finger. The guy drove up next to him and gave it back. Josh proceeded to say; “People just can’t take the finger anymore”. Ha ha It was one of those, you have to be there moments!

I was not disappointed when we finally got to the mall. I mean entrance 57, holy cow!

Calgary 2001 111

There are so many stores you couldn’t even visit them all. But one of my favorite things was the attractions! We watched a sea lion show right in the middle of the mall.

Calgary 2001 121


Calgary 2001 130

And full size rides including a massive roller coaster that Ryan and Josh went on it. Yes, you read that right “Mr.I’m Afraid of Heights” went on a super tall roller coaster. He was pretty white afterwards.

Calgary 2001 126

Besides all of the attractions we all shopped till we literally dropped!

Calgary 2001 114

Saturday, our last day and so sad. The week had gone by so fast! We all relaxed in the morning and then headed to the 1986 Olympic Park for some mini golf!! It was one of the hardest mini putts I had ever played at and we had fun laughing every time someone's ball rolled back to the start.

Calgary 2001 131

We toured the park a little too and looked at the impressive bobsled track! We channeled our inner Jamaican bobsled team and gave it a try!

Calgary 2001 141

After we got back to the apartment we had a yummy steak supper by Chef Josh and then headed down the road to a comedy club!! It was awesome! The MC was HILARIOUS!

Once the show was over we got back to the condo for more of our most favorite game, SEQUENCE!

Calgary 2001 144

We were going to enjoy some dessert while playing and Amanda and Josh surprised me with an early birthday cake.

Calgary 2001 148

Amanda (the sneaky girl she is) had picked up items from when we were shopping that I pretty much picked out! I didn’t know she had gotten that stuff for me, it was such a surprise! It included my Christmas tree ornament that I was searching high and low for! It was very special.

Calgary 2001 150

Sunday morning Ryan and I were sad to leave Calgary but even more sad to leave our friends. They are such a long piece away and it will be a few months before our next visit! I cannot thank Josh and Amanda enough for having us for the whole week, it was really the perfect summer holiday!

Calgary 2001 112

Thanks again guys!!

So, as you can see we had an amazing trip!! Alberta has always been on my bucket list of places to see. It’s an amazing place with such awesome attractions and I think we’ll end up visiting there again soon!

Happy Friday!



  1. Tell me about the Christmas ornament next time I see you! I love ornaments and every one is special and has a story.