Monday, September 26, 2011

A Weekend Without Pictures And A Happy Ending!

Happy Monday everyone!! Can you believe it? Not one picture this past weekend? NOT ONE!! Holy Moly! It’s not like I didn’t do anything! I was busy!

Friday night Jilly graciously opened up her home to host a Lia Sophia jewelry! We all gathered around the yummy food table to chit chat and try to make the hard decision of choosing our favorite pieces of jewelry! When I went to place my order, the consultant simply said to me, “Happy Birthday”, it’s a birthday gift from my mom!! WOW! Can’t wait for the jewelry to come in!

Saturday Ryan and I went to the city for his golf lesson and I picked up some supplies for the upcoming craft night!

We quickly dropped off our stuff and then headed in the opposite direction to Ryan’s parents to give his dad Eugene his birthday gift!! (His birthday was Friday) We hung out with the kids and then had some pizza with them for supper! It was a great visit!

Sunday I was off to church and then joined my parents for breakfast! That afternoon I got all of my fall decorations out of storage!! It was great decorating for the fall/Halloween season!! YAY! 

Now onto a little story…

I’m sure you all remember Rebekka. My former university roommate and one of the bridesmaids in my upcoming nuptials!

I’ve known Rebekka for quite sometime however, I’ve known Josh, her boyfriend, a little longer! You see, it was actually Josh who introduced Rebekka and I to each other! It was that first meeting that brought us together and started our friendship!

Pool Party 2011 021

This past St.Patty’s day in Quyon a little leprechaun (aka Josh) approached me for my cell number. He wanted me to come shopping with him for a very special, sparkly present for Bekk!

Josh Hemphill

Ryan and me with our leprechaun friend! 

I never really thought much of it. I thought he was bluffing until one day this past early June I got the message, “We need to go shopping, what day works for you?”

Two days later we met at the ferry and headed to the mall! We looked and looked until finally Josh said, “This is it, this is the ring!”


He signed the paper work (all the while Bekk was texting him!) and we left the mall feeling shaky and giddy knowing that he just bought Rebekka’s engagement ring!


I talk to (aka text) Bekk literally EVERYDAY and it was so hard for me to keep such a big secret from her! I just wanted to shout from the roof tops, JOSH IS GOING TO ASK YOU TO MARRY HIM! I was just so excited for her! But I didn’t. I kept it in and waited patiently until the big moment happened!

Finally, last weekend I found out Josh had proposed to Bekk on September 10th in Niagara Falls! I was “through the roof” excited for them both!!

I am so happy that Bekk, one of my very best friends, is getting married to the love of her life and I was honored to, in a small way, be part of that happiness for her!

josh and bekk

Bekk and Josh, congrats! I’m wishing you both all the happiness in the world!! Can’t wait to celebrate with you’s tonight!



  1. It was great having you & Ry on Sat for supper.. Looking forward to Thanksgiving supper & your BIRTHDAY.... xoxox

    Congrat's Bekk & Josh ...

  2. Congrats to Bekk & Josh, so happy for them!!!