Monday, September 19, 2011

A Weekend of Celebrations

Happy Monday everyone!! I hope you all passed a great weekend! I know I sure did! It went by in a flash but it was full of fun activities and celebrations!

The weekend started out on Friday night with a movie night chez Jilly’s! Being the poor deprived girl that I am, I had never seen Top Gun! Being one of Jill’s most favorite movies she thought it was a shame and needed to be fixed, ASAP!

Top Gun

We bunkered down for some homemade pizza and fruit salsa and I finally got to see Top Gun! I have to say I was impressed!! For a movie of the 80’s it was very well done! I would catch myself smiling at certain points of the movie!! Even better, I know understand what people are talking about when they quote the movie! “Take me to bed or lose me forever!”

Thanks Jill for the awesome movie night and finally introducing me to Top Gun!!

Saturday was one of the first days that Ryan and I were both at home!! It felt kind of weird at first but now looking back we got SO much done! We cleaned, worked on some house renovations, picked the garden, blanched, canned, and I baked! It was nice to catch up on things around the house!! I was shocked this year at the amount of carrots I got from the garden! I have 3 pounds of chopped/blanched carrots ready for supper in my freezer!! Some of my carrots seemed to be on steroids, they were as big as Tucker!

Birthdays! 011

After a busy day of working around the house Ryan and I got dressed up and headed into town for a wedding reception for Caryl and Andre! Congrats you guys!

Birthdays! 014

Ready for a night out after housework all day!

On Sunday, we woke up early to get ready for a day of birthdays, young and old!

First, we headed to friends, Sara and Grahams for the 1st birthday of their baby, Charlotte!

Birthdays! 017

It’s hard to believe this little cutie is already going to be 1 (on the 21st)! It seems like yesterday we were visiting with her parents in the hospital getting a good look at this new baby girl! She has grown to be such a fun, smart little girl with such an infectious smile!

Baby Dowe 002

Happy (almost) 1st birthday!

We had to quickly duck out of the 1st birthday party and head to another one to celebrate my Grandma’s 90th!

Birthdays! 020

The whole family and lots of friends all met in a town hall to celebrate the truly special lady my Grandma is! There were a few tears but mostly happiness as we all visited!! It was a great party!!

Birthdays! 027

Happy 90th Birthday Grandma!

While we were already in the area we decided to go visit the new home of friends Shawn and Vee! They graciously had supper for us and we all sat around and visited! It was great to catch up!!

It was a weekend of celebrating that is for sure! From new marriages to birthdays, young and old! It’s great celebrating such joyous occasions with family and friends!

How was your weekend?



  1. I didn't realize your grandma was 90! She looks good :)

  2. Looks like you had a busy weekend and dang, that's a huge carrot!

    Thanks to this weekend, I no longer have to be jealous of your refrigerator! :)

  3. Oh my friend i've seen this one over and over and over and over again .. it's a classic!!! XOXO