Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wedding Wednesday – Shake Your Tail Feather

Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s the middle of the week, too early to celebrate the upcoming weekend? I didn’t think so either! :-)

Today on Wedding Wednesday I’d like to fill you in on another difficult decision that every couple has to make about their wedding, band or D.J?

As much as I love Ryan and we normally agree on many things, music isn’t one of them! I’m a hard core country music fan. Give me a little Garth, with a side of Alan and throw in some Carrie for dessert! Ryan on the other hand likes a little bit of rap, metal and alternative.

My brothers wedding had an AMAZING country music band!! They were the bomb! But, being that Ryan isn’t a huge fan of country music it was out of the question.

When asking my parents for a little advice as to whether or not we should have a band of a D.J they immediately said BAND! I was a little concerned about their enthusiasm towards getting a band but later learned that EVERYBODY in their day had a band. D.J’s just weren’t cool!

80's rock band

Well, thanks for that parental unites…Oh, the 80’s.

Ryan and I were concerned that a band would limit the music choices. Ryan and I have not picked out our first dance song yet but wouldn’t want to be limited to a song only because it’s what the band can play.

We love bands and what they offer. They are entertainment of their own. However, it wasn’t what we needed for our wedding.

D.J it is.

We are very happy with our choice to pick a D.J and searched high and low for an AWESOME one that would fit our wedding! Well, we got it! A local D.J company by the name of Chris Copper D.J Services will be playing the beats that will get us moving!

Chris Cooper

P.S Did I mention Chris Copper use to radio announce for the local country station?Just saying! :)

In my opinion, music is a really important aspect of the wedding. You want your guests to have a blast and dance the whole night through! I think we made the right decision as to what will fit our wedding most and I can’t wait to celebrate our marriage!

Now, tell me, what is your favorite song to dance to at a wedding? I’ve got to compose a playlist after all!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. One thing our DJ pointed out and with Rap/alternative you have to watch is the language. It might offend the older generations (b/c I think you said you weren't going to have kids). He's right. Not that y'all haven't probably thought about that, just pointing out something our dj pointed out to us. Our first dance was to The Blues Man by none other than Hank! And my dad and I did a waltz (hard to do in a wedding dress btw) to King George!! :)

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