Friday, September 2, 2011

The Love Story Of Grease Monkey and Bionic Woman

Remember before when I mentioned I’m odd? Well today’s post will demonstrate this. If you would prefer to avoid nonsense you will want turn away now.

Well….I warned you! :-)

You know how most people grow out of their imagination? Well, not me! I use to make up stories when I was a little girl. Really about anything at all! Whatever it was, the story popped into my head!

Yesterday, I was in the car with my brother and saw these two bikes in front of us. Instantly, a story came to mind that explains their biker names on their leather jackets!

OVTA 043

So, without further adieu, a rare glimpse into my mind as I tell you the love story of Grease Money and Bionic Woman. 

Once upon a time there was a beautiful biker princess named Bionic Woman. All the kingdoms around would talk about how lovely Bionic Woman was! She had the most beautiful black leather dress and hair feathers with beads.

Bionic Woman was very independent and brave. She would travel far and wide on adventures. One day while roaming her kingdom the evil Hell’s Angel flew from his perch and attacked the poor princess.

With all the commotion and noise a young, quite humble young monkey woke from his sleep. Quickly, he realized someone was in trouble and jumped onto his Harley to help. Rushing over the where the Hell’s Angel was attacking Bionic Woman the Grease Money popped a wheelie on his bike and off flew the frightened Hell’s Angel.

The Bionic Woman was so happy to have been saved. She walked over to her hero and slowly pulled off his helmet to reveal his face. Quickly, the Bionic Women jumped back when she saw that in fact her hero was a hairy monkey.

The Grease Monkey was so ashamed of his appearance. The Bionic Women gently tilted the Monkey’s chin and looked into those brave innocent brown monkey eyes. She grabbed his grease filled hands and felt a love that she had never felt before.

Grease Money and Bionic Women hopped onto the back of their bikes and rode off together in the sunset to live happily ever after.

See, I told you I was weird! :-)

Happy Friday!


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  1. Have you ever in your life wanted to be an author?