Friday, October 7, 2011

Halloween Craft

Happy Friday everyone!! Today marks the day before the Canadian Thanksgiving LONG weekend! Heck ya!! Bring on some turkey, STAT!

A week ago today some of my closest and craftiest friends gathered at my house to start our craft night for the new season. I had decided since we were getting so close to Halloween it would be fun to make a new door wreath!

There is TONS of inspiration out there for Halloween wreaths so I just took a couple of my favorites and combined them! If you want to make one too, this is what you’ll need…

- Floral wreath

-Black cotton fabric

-Colored or Halloween themed ribbon

-Scrapbook paper

-Foam Board (or wood letters) spelling out BOO


-Modge Podge

-Paint brush

-Hot glue gun

Craft and Pretzel Weekend 004

1. First, take your black fabric and cut it into long strips. These strips should be long enough to fit around your floral wreath. I “guestimated” about 55-60 strips per wreath.

2. Begin tying/knotting these strips around your wreath until it is completely covered.  

Craft and Pretzel Weekend 005

***Special Note*****

The original idea was to use wood letters to spell out the word “Boo”. Well, do you know how much those friggin’ things cost? You know what works JUST as good at a fraction of the cost…Foam Board. $2.29 for the whole board which did all the letters for all the girls or $8.00 for EACH wooden letter.

Welsey Church 003

3. Trace your letters on the back side of chosen scrapbook paper and cut.

Craft and Pretzel Weekend 006

4. Apply a thin layer of modge podge to your letters and then apply scrap book paper that you just cut out. Apply another thin layer of modge podge on top.

Craft and Pretzel Weekend 008

5. While waiting for letters to dry begin decorating your wreath with ribbon! We used floral ribbon (you know the bendable kind) cut into strips and wrapped around the wreath in various areas to add some interest and color!

6. Using this ribbon make a loop and attach it to your wreath. This is what you will use to hang your wreath with. If you want you can also add a bow to add some more interest.

7. Once your letters are dry, hot glue the letters to eachother. Wait for these to dry and then attach with hot glue gun to desired spot on your wreath.

Craft and Pretzel Weekend 010

8. Hang on your door and enjoy!

Craft and Pretzel Weekend 001

It was our first craft night back after a long summer off! I had fun making a craft with these girls but I have to admit I liked the company more!

Happy Friday!


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  1. Oh how fun! I want one... now I need to find time to make it :)