Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone! The weekend is over and it’s back to the grindstone, back to reality. It’s hard to believe that today is the last week of October. I’ve been dreaming of November for months now! It’s almost here.

Why have I been dreaming of November? Well, the summer and fall are especially busy times for Ryan and I. We are both looking forward to a little break, a little breather. In the winter months we have a more regular schedule and can actually make plans during work days.

This weekend’s weather was chilly! That kind of cold that gets you to the bone. You know the one, it’s where even when you enter a warm building you are still chilled.

The weekend started out on Friday afternoon after work. I prepared supper and then transformed the kitchen into a craft area. The ladies were coming over for another craft night! I was very excited for this craft because it was one that I have had book marked for a long time. I was excited to do this craft myself and share it with the girls!

Craft Night and Wedding Show 018

More to come about that on Friday! :-)

On Saturday I was up early to get ready for the Ottawa Wedding Show with mom! Ryan lucked out of coming because he had a hockey tournament. I have to say that although we have most of the stuff booked for the wedding it was still fun to look around at other vendors. I got to meet the wonderful team who will be doing my hair and makeup and got an awesome coupon for finding a men’s wedding band…25% off if we get one from that store!

The best part of the wedding show would have to have been the fashion show!! Mom and I took our seats for what we thought would have been a 15 minute showing of some bridal gowns. Well, it turned out to be an very rehearsed, 1 hour show of groomsmen attire, flower girl, bridesmaids and bridal gowns. It was cool!

Craft Night and Wedding Show 022

After the wedding show mom and I headed home to relax for the rest of the afternoon. I also got to do one of my most favorite things, assemble Halloween bags!! I have to say, we have have really good stuff in them this year!

Craft Night and Wedding Show 026

Saturday night Ryan and I headed to Gavan’s for a stag honoring Krista and Kyle’s upcoming nuptials! It was a FULL crowd. The place was packed to the rafters! Everyone wanted to come out and support the bride and groom who are amazing members of the Pontiac community!

Sunday morning it was off to church for a chilling but eye opening sermon about loving your neighbor. Recent news events involving Jamey Hubley the teen boy who was bullied and took his own life and the Chinese baby who got ran over and 18 people walked by before someone stopped to help her. These chilling events made you think that these bullies and the people who chose to ignore the injured toddler were not acting like good Christians.

The rest of Sunday was spent resting and getting ready for a busy week ahead. How about your weekend?



  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! Just cause I'm nosey, what type of ring are you thinking of getting Ryan? Gold, sterling silver, titanium, etc :)

  2. I agree, Sunday's sermon held my attention...It's unfortunate we've had so many recent examples of how NOT to love your neighbour...

  3. Thanks for your comments about my sermon. It felt quite risky to do that, but I could not have preached any other way. The Spirit had been grabbing me and I followed what I knew I needed to do. So grateful you all recieved it in the manner it was intended.

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