Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wedding Wednesday – Photographer

Happy Wednesday everyone! Not only is today Wedding Wednesday but there is also another neat thing about today….We are out of the 200’s people! Officially today there is 199 days till wedding day! Wow! I remember looking back at the number when it came under 300 hundred thinking “this is going to be forever from now” but in reality the days are passing by so quick!

Today I’d like to introduce you all to a very special woman. Her name is Julie and she is going to be our photographer for the big day. Let’s rewind shall we?

When I first started wedding planning we were looking at an alternate venue. I googled (of course) this venue for some pictures for inspiration. Well, one of the photos that I saved was by Julie C Butler Photography. 


Once Ryan and I decided we wanted to get married around home the planning process began. We picked our date and then the first thing I did was contact Julie. That’s right, before venue, catering or other I wanted to book my photographer! You see, to me, pictures really do last a life time. It might rain the day of the wedding, the flowers might not be perfect and the food could go wrong but the pictures are something that I want to be able to fondly look back on remembering the day.

Julie’s pictures on her website were amazing and I knew instantly that her style was what I wanted. The only problem, she lives over an hour away from home!  I nervously emailed her asking if she was willing to travel and she instantly said, “Yes”! Phew!

I met with Julie in April and instantly there was a connection. We agreed on a package and booked the engagement pictures for later that summer.

When that date rolled around Julie drove all the way to our home to take our engagements pictures for us! It was at that morning photo session where I got to know Julie better and now consider her a friend.

Here is a link to some of the pictures on Julie’s blog of our engagement session.

Engagement teaser

A lot more like this one to come!

There is a comfort level with Julie that I wish I could explain. It’s nice to know that on one of the most nerve racking days of my life (the wedding) that I have a comfortable and fun relationship with Julie and that alone helps settle the nerves.

Julie’s skill/talent is truly amazing! Many of Julie’s pictures have been shown on wedding blogs and magazines from all over! Besides her talent she is a beautiful person both inside and out!


I am so thankful to have gotten to know such a wonderful person both personally and professionally! Thank you Julie for being our wedding photographer!



  1. Very nice!

    I love the ones by the car and the fact that you changed outfits. I wanted to do that but time wise, and the fact that we were no where close to my house made it impossible.

  2. OH MY GOSH GIRL! Those photos are amazing. I love how the pooch even got in a few! But I think my faves are you sitting up on the car looking at Ryan & him looking back, the very first of the dress change (some tall grass out of focus), the one of you 2 laying opposite each other (head to each others shoulder), and super cute you even got your house in there! That's one thing we kind of skimped on and it shows. I'm so unhappy with my photos, there were some good ones, but other than that... nothing so great! Looks like y'all got a great photographer!

  3. Oh and totally random, the house photo, I love the open rafter look of your ceiling! Just sayin! :)

  4. OMG .. Lindsay!!! .. kleenex please!!
    I am so honoured to be your photographer .. it's people like you guys who make me who I am .. Really! Day in and day out .. when I am with my clients .. I am reminded of how happy I am doing what I love doing most in the world!!

    Thanks for the reminder!!! XOX Can't wait for the wedding day .. and YES it will come SUPER FAST!!!

    Love Ya xox

    THANKS Nicole for the nice comments ;-)

  5. Will be spectacular!!!

  6. I must say I love your have a way with words. Julie is wonderful...your blessed to have found wont be disappointed!!! She will exceed your expectations. Planning a wedding is a wild ride...enjoy every second of it. It goes by fast!!! Best Wishes...your going to have a fantastic day!!! I will be watching for pictures...looking forward to it. Yay Jeanne

  7. I love your engagement photos, they are fantastic! Your photographer looks so talented, your wedding pictures will be beautiful :-)