Monday, October 17, 2011

My Very First Car Rally!

Happy Monday everyone!! The weekend sure did pass by in a blink! It’s time to buckle down for a long week…no four day week this time!

This weekend was a busy one!!! Full of activity! It all started on Friday afternoon where left work early with Mom and Ryan to head down town to see my cousins art exhibit in the Gord Harrison art gallery! Carol Westcott is an amazing artist from Toronto. Her work in amazing and we really didn’t want to miss the opportunity to see her and her work displayed in Ottawa! We are all very proud of her!

Carol Westcott

Carol’s work

After being at the art gallery for a little while Ryan and I headed west for Kanata. We ran some errands and then met with our group of friends at Montana’s for a yummy….yet UBER long supper! Let’s just say our waitress must have been new and the poor thing had two big groups! It was a long night but we still had an awesome visit with friends!! Happy (belated) birthday to Stacy and Sharon!

Car Rally 013

On Saturday morning Ryan and I were up early to get ready for my very first Quyon Car Rally!! I was so excited! I had never been on the Car Rally before and I was anxious to get going! With the car packed up with snacks Dad, Ryan and I hit the road on our adventure! We were the very first team to leave for the day!!

Car Rally 016

And an adventure it was! Let’s just say the rally is not easy!! But half way through I kind of figured it out and we did pretty well placing 19th place (out of about 40-50). I can’t wait for it again next year!!

Sunday Ryan and I were up at our normal working time and headed to friends Shawn and Vee’s to give them a hand with some yard work! We enjoyed a visit with them but working outside when it was cold was weird! It’s really starting to feel like winter is on it’s way!!

The weekend is over but I had a couple of firsts! My very first experience at an art gallery and my first car rally! I can’t believe I have waited all these years to be on a car rally! What a mistake! I had an amazing time and can’t wait to do it again next year!

How was your weekend?



  1. Really, you've never been in the rally??!?!? It's a blast. Glad to hear you had a good time!

  2. One of the best days of the year! Glad you guys had a good time...and I'm glad we beat you! LOL

  3. I'm still confused on what exactly a car rally is....

  4. Alright, could you explain what a car rally is for those of us who are clueless? Is it some type of race like the movie "Cannonball Run" where you have to be the first to arrive at a destination? It sounds like fun!

  5. I was shocked to find out you had not been in the rally before! I would have loved to be in it, but was having a big family dinner that night. Car rally is when you have a long list of clues and driving directions. You have to follow the clues and end up at a secret destination, answering questions along the way about the stops or clues. You are awarded points. No, everyone does not set off all at once, that would create chaos and crashes on those little back roads!