Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wedding Wednesday – Videographer

Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope the week is passing by quickly for everyone!

On Wedding Wednesday today I’m gonna talk about something that Ryan and I decided to splurge on. When we first got engaged I went google crazy! I looked up EVERYTHING. One of the websites that I encountered was a real life list of what brides wish they could have done differently about their wedding if they could.

There were many small things like, color, beef instead of chicken and etc. One thing that about 75% of the brides were consistent about was that they regretted not having a video to look back on of their wedding day.

Hiring a videographer is one thing that doesn’t actually come to a brides mind when you start the whole planning process. The top things (in my opinion) I booked right away, venue, photographer (more on that next week) and caterer.

After all of the above was confirmed it was time to move on to other details of the wedding. After reading all the encouraging words from other brides I had googled, I knew right away that it would be fun to have a video to watch of our wedding.

Ryan and I are small town people. We live and more importantly work in this small town. One of the things that we really appreciate is when we get local business. For the most part, as a company, we get a lot of local business. When we started this planning process we agreed that we would keep our business as local as possible for the wedding.

Unfortunately, in the small interior of our town there is no videographer. But, just a short piece down the road in a neighboring small town we found, Video Keepsakes.

I was a little unsure as to what to expect as far as a wedding video goes. The owner met with me here at our farm which really put me at ease. Now, let’s get something straight, I am not a crier. I’m not overly sappy and it takes ALOT to get me to cry! Well, the moment the example video began my eye’s started to tear up. Good sign.

I think about being a kid looking through my parents wedding album and now thinking about how fun it would be to watch a video of their wedding. That is not going to happen but I am so happy that Ryan and I will have such a precious keepsake to watch for years to come.




  1. A gal here at work suggested that to me. She said they watch theirs every year on their anniversary and see things they didn't see the previous viewing. We had one done too, so now I watch myself giggle through our entire wedding, but it's definitely worth it! I'm so glad you got one :)

  2. That's a great idea. I wish we had done that for our wedding. We only have photos. A video would have been something awesome to look back on.

  3. Good call! I wish we would've had one too.