Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wedding Wednesday – The One About Food

Happy Wednesday everyone! I am glad to see Wednesday here again and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite days! It’s the day that I get to tell you something about my upcoming wedding! As of today, 220 days till wedding day, does that not sound so far away? I know it will pass by in a blink.

Something Ryan and I determined when we first began this wonderful (yet crazy) wedding planning process was that we wanted to have a dinner. We wanted to gather around with friends and family and sit down to a delicious meal.

As you know, I’m a small town girl. I am also getting married in the small town area. There are limits as to where to get married, where to get your flowers and what access you have to caterer’s. We “country folks” certainly don’t have the same options as a city couple would.

At first glace you would think not having a lot of options suck? And, I would totally agree with you if we didn’t have such wonderful resources in this area!

Here enters Cafe 349. A small cafe/restaurant in Shawville, Quebec.


Here is their description from their website:

“Since the official opening in October of 2002 we have made it our mission to provide wholesome foods prepared with the finest ingredients, as you would in your own home.”

This place has amazing food! Ruth and her staff really are truly awesome! We are so lucky to have them in this small community! It is such a treat to dine there and we have them cater our farm’s Christmas party!

I knew, without a doubt, that Cafe 349 would be catering our wedding dinner! I was BEYOND pleased when our wedding date was open for them!

I wish I could tell you everything that is going to be made for the wedding. However, there are a couple of surprises for our wedding guests that I don’t want to reveal, just yet! :-)

I can tell you that Ryan and I picked to have a buffet style dinner for one reason: BECAUSE I LOVE BUFFETS!

I am a self professed “picker of food”. There is nothing that I love more then picking a small portion of lots of different foods. I love to get a small taste of everything.

Buffet also suited us because my future husband is a very picky eater and we would NEVER agree on one meal! There will be something for everyone!

NYC 047

We are so happy with our choice for a caterer. Even though there are not many options in the small town we would not have chosen any one but Cafe 349! They are truly the best!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Yum, it will be delicous!!! We had them cater our rehersal dinner.

  2. Wow, you'll be lucky if you remember eating your meal :). haha :). Your wedding day will be such a blur most people don't even get to eat, we did b/c they didn't let anyone else eat until we got there and went through the line...

    I can't tell you what I ate... there is one picture of me eating a chip with something on it so I know chips were involved :) and I even helped pick the menu :)

  3. Oh but I agree, buffet style is the way to go! I went to a sit down they serve you wedding and I didn't like a lot of what they chose :)