Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fabulous Easter Weekend!


Happy Tuesday everyone! Isn’t it always so hard to get back to reality after having a long weekend? It’s a struggle to get back on schedule, start eating right and getting things cleaned up.

This long weekend in particular is the last one before our “busy season” at work. Although it has been extremely busy because of the nice weather it really means crazy time come after Easter.

To celebrate the beginning of the long weekend I went and picked up my BRAND NEW CAR!

easter 1

I was so excited to drive it home! As sad as it was saying goodbye to my very first car, the jeep! I am VERY happy with the choice I made!

easter 2

Ryan and I with the Ford Edge.

easter 3

Our first picture in the new car!

That evening I picked up Jilly and headed back to Ladysmith to meet Rebekka and Josh (and Josh’s parents) for supper! It was a great meal and visit and then an extended visit at the home of Sue and Brent (Josh’s parents place).

easter 4

Unlike most, Ryan and I were up before the sun on Friday morning to work. He went on the truck and I headed to the city for some deliveries. As much as it sucked working it was still super fun because I got to drive my new car! I kept getting stopped and being asked about my new wheels! It was fun!

Friday night I made homemade buns for the next day and painted my nails. I tried the whole, one glitter nail thingie, but I have to say, wasn’t a fan! I just don’t get it!

easter 6

Saturday morning I was up and finished some meal preparations and then off to my Mom and Dad’s for Easter lunch!

Easter weekend 001

Easter weekend 004

A couple cute Easter bunnies!

After supper, Faith had an Easter egg hunt! Which is super fun because now she get’s what to do! Hunt, find and get chocolate!

easter 7

Easter weekend 016

Sunday morning it was off to church for a special Easter Sunday service. I wore a nice Easter yellow and showed up to church wearing pretty much the same sweater as Mom! Geesh!

Easter weekend

Little Tanner looked SO adorable in his little Easter outfit as well.

easter 8

The Sunday school kids did a FABULOUS job singing for the congregation as well!

After church Ryan and I headed home to change, finish up some desserts and then headed to his parents for supper! We had a fun visiting with his parents, the kids, Melissa and Kyle.

It was a delicious meal and a great visit. After supper I joined Caleb outside and watched him do tricks on the trampoline.

easter 9

Ryan and Aleisha joined us outside and we all played Volleyball. Me and Caleb vs. Ryan and Aleisha.

easter 11

The cheaters winners.

easter 10

Monday was a day of relaxing. I made a quick trip to the city and spent the rest of the night vegging out! After a busy weekend it was nice to just relax.

How was your Easter weekend?



  1. Nice wheels! And it's super crazy that you guys get Monday off and we get Friday off. I think we should get both days off, just saying :)

  2. I'm so glad you went with the FORD. Love the color too!

  3. Loved the video, thanks. Sorry my big butt was in it, but Maddy wouldn't go and sing unless I went along with her and held her hand. Our kids and their parents and grandparents are wonderful. We have the Best congregation in the United Church of Canada!