Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy 35th Anniversary


Happy Friday everyone! It’s finally Friday! It has seriously felt like a super long week! Kind of glad it’s over!

Yesterday I was running around like a mad women getting things picked up around our small town. One of them being two big boxes of white hats.


We work in a very dirty industry and white is not a commonly used color but we wanted to do something special to hand out to our clients for our 35th anniversary.

It’s hard to believe that my parents started up Mountainview Turf Farms over 35 years ago. A year before they were even married.

My parents have put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into building what the business is today. Now, my brother and I are both part of the company and hope to continue to grow their legacy.

 The Hamilton Fam

So, I just wanted to take this Friday to proudly wish Mountainview a very happy 35th anniversary!


Happy Friday!



  1. Nice should have a bet to see who keeps theirs the whitest! LOL
    Any lunch celebrations?

  2. Congrats to the Hamilton family on your well earned and deserved success.