Friday, April 20, 2012

I Will…


Happy Friday everyone! I hope that everyone’s week passed by fairly quickly. Even with all of the activities going on this week I still found my self wondering, is it Friday yet?

This week so many wedding related things were going on. I was hardly ever at home. On Monday (as mentioned) was my hair trial, Tuesday my wonderful bridesmaids and I went to get their dresses altered! Wednesday and Thursday I finished making all of the table numbers! So many wedding things crossed off the list!

Between work and wedding it’s hard to think what is on my mind more. I am in a constant state of over thinking. In the shower, running, driving….those are all of the places where my mind is being overly active. I always play things over and over again in my mind. One of them being my “I Will” list. A list that I thought I should share with all of you. It’s a list to my future husband, giving him fair warning!

1. I will…always be ready before you are! I am a very punctual person and I will always demand that we are somewhere early. On time is late!

2. I will…always nag you to pick up your hat, pay stubs and water glasses! I am not your mother (sorry Bev!) and you can pick up after yourself! Expect to be nagged!

3. I will…always ask you to take out the garbage and recycling. It just really grosses me out. Don’t worry, I will be very thankful.

4. I will…always look forward to the future more then looking at the present! I just get so excited for what’s next! (How many day’s till Christmas?)

5. I will…never cut the grass. I’ve never even drove a lawn mower before. Big tractor mower? Sure! Small lawn mower? Nope!

6. I will…clean the bathrooms. I know how much cleaning a bathroom (especially toilet) grosses you out! Trade off for the garbage, right?

7. I will…insist on some personal space. I talk and get talked to for almost 13 hours a day. Silence is necessary for my sanity. I need my time to unwind and recuperate. Also, I will cry at any moment! Whether it can be from stress or hormones, I truly believe in the healing power of a really good cry!

8. I will…never like horror movies! I’m scared of the dark! I will always leave lights on and I will always sleep with my blankie…it makes me feel better.

9. I will…always make you make the kraft dinner! It just tastes so much better when you do it! As a trade off, I will always make the pizza dough!

10. I will…always hit the snooze button! I hate waking up in the morning and I am in a bad mood if I can’t hit snooze once, twice, three times! I will be better to be around if I snooze!


11. I will…work my hardest to make you extremely happy. I will do everything I can to make us grow and succeed as a married couple. I will hold your hand through the hard times. I will celebrate your every accomplishment. I will love you!




  1. aaawww soo gushy so early in the morning....haha but good list

  2. Super Sweet! And just remember after all the wedding planning is over and it's like now what... don't lose sight of the real meaning of marriage :)

  3. Those are some pretty sweet I Will's. Those could be your own I Do Vows!

  4. these are great warnings! i wish i would have done this ... :) although, my husband and i dated for 6 years before getting married. so, it's probably safe to say he was warned!! :)

  5. Very cute, Lindsay!
    I wish I had someone to take out the garbage and cut the

  6. SO CUTE :-D Isn't it funny the things that end up being "your" job and "his" job? One example, Greg always cuts up the rotissere chicken for me when I bring it home from the grocery story ;-) Happy Weekend!

  7. Sound like great vows, Lindsay! I am glad you liked the Earth day service, I know I get flack sometimes for not sticking to the Scriptures for the day. I feel saving our earth is as Biblical as it can get!

    Time is going at warp speed. Not long now. :)