Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend At The Arena


Happy Monday everyone! Welcome to April!! Every day, week and month that passes, I get more and more excited!! The month of April is going to be a busy one with lots of up coming wedding related activities!

Every year, a group of Ryan’s friends, including Ryan himself, organize The Flying Elbows hockey tournament. This year, 26 teams registered in hopes to win, have a good time and raise money for the D.I.F.D (Do it for Daron) fund.


(Click picture for more D.I.F.D information)

All of the guys work SO hard at this tournament. Most, stay over night in trailers so that they don’t have to drive home!

Pretty such the whole community comes out to support the cause and various teams. This year was no different!

After work on Friday, I headed up to the arena to meet a friend, Sue, to do our part for the tournament by selling “Beer For A Year” raffle tickets.

Flying elbows

It was a successful night. I got to watch Ryan and his team, Chainsaws From Hell play and got lots of visiting in while selling the raffle tickets!

Saturday morning I purposely got up early so that I could head to the city. I arrived at Bayshore Shopping Mall for the doors opening at 9 AM.

I shopped till I dropped picking up a wedding gift for Ryan, new bathing suit for the honeymoon, wedding gifts for the Dad’s, Easter stuff and a fun stop at Jabob to check out their spring fashions.

Left with:

cover up

jacob button up

jacon blouse

And a few more items too! :-)

On the hours drive home I decided to go a different way then usual. The Quyon ferry opened this weekend and I wanted to make my first pass on it of the season!

flying elbows 3

After a quick nap it was back up to the hockey arena for supper and to watch the rivalry game of Chainsaws vs. Elbows!

Flying elbows 2

Unfortunately, the Chainsaws lost but I had fun sitting with friends and family in the stands! Later, up above the arena at the bar, Sue and I got selling more tickets and then I ended the evening by sitting at chatting with Sara and Jill!

Sunday morning I was so looking forward to church! Not only was it Palm Sunday….

flying elbows 4

Stacy and Tanner with their palm branch!

As well, friends of Nancy’s (student minister) from Orleans came to join in the service and sing! What beautiful voices they all had. It was wonderful having the church filled with such an amazing sound!

After the service, we all headed to the basement for a potluck! Yum!

As you can see, it has been a super busy weekend but it has been a lot of fun!

How was your weekend?



  1. LOVED the ladies performance - brought some tears to my eyes actually but that happens every time i hear that song...not sure why but maybe its cuz i want it played at my funeral someday?? LOL

  2. have you told us where you're going on your honeymoon?

  3. You should have poked me to move over so I'm not blocking your me chills and brings tears to my eyes. Wasn't it just the most glorious church service? God's Spirit was sure there moving in our worship. Reg taped Rolly and the kids and our new hymn too. :)

  4. It was beautiful hearing the ladies sing, and brought tears to my eyes. It was wonderful!!!