Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wedding Wednesday – Thank You’s


Happy Wednesday everyone. This has been a week I have been anticipating for months. This weekend is our stag!

A lot of people have been asking me lately if I am excited for the upcoming stag and then the same question follows again about the wedding.

Most of the time I answer “yes, I am excited” because I am. Don’t get me wrong there is an inner excitement but I have found the closer and closer I get to the wedding date the more my nerves take over the excitement.

I think it is that I am spending every day thinking about wedding things that it has gotten to the point where I just want the day to be here! I want to get married and be married.

One of the most fun wedding events to date was my bridal shower. I got so many beautiful items. I was so overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity. After the shower, I was actually really looking forward to writing thank you cards!

thank you card 7

Writing my thank you’s

I wanted my thank you cards to have a personal touch. Thought it would kind of reflect the way the wedding will be. DIY!

When I saw this tutorial on Pinterest I thought that I could recreate it for my thank you notes!

First thing I tried to do was find the tall cabbage that they use in the tutorial. Not happening! We just have pretty little round cabbages in most grocery stores and trust me, they don’t work for this tutorial.

But I did purchase a head of romaine lettuce thinking it looked pretty similar.

thank you card 6

First, cut the end off of the head of lettuce with the straight edge knife. Keep the leaves for a Caesar salad. Here’s what you will be left with:

thank you card 5

You can keep this star looking thing like that or take a few of the outer leaves off to make it fit better onto your card.

Dip into paint or ink.

thank you card 3

Apply to pre-purchased (thank you Michaels) plain cards.

thank you card 4

P.S – These cards are great! They come with envelopes too!

What does the end of a romaine lettuce, dipped in paint come out as? A rose like flower.

thank you card 2

After doing about all of your cards allow the paint to dry completely.

thank you card 1

Then take a ‘Thank You’ stamp and ink pad to add to the front.

Thank you card

Voila! Personalized, thank you cards ready to be written and send to all the wonderful people that were there at my shower.

Happy Wednesday!


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