Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wedding Wednesday – Not All Things Go Right


Happy Wednesday everyone!

38 friggin’ Days!

The days are getting so small now! The countdown is truly on. It really is hard to go a day without any wedding related things getting done. I feel very productive though! Work is in full swing, we’ve started our summer meal plan and wedding items are getting checked off my to-do list.

I have to say, for the most part, wedding plans have gone relatively smoothly. There has been a few stressers and problems but not things that I haven’t been able to deal with. (Knock on wood!)

There has been one particular item that has caused stress, my sister in laws dress.

My sister in law, Holly, had a birthday in November. For her birthday, I had someone watch her kids for her while she and I went shopping for a dress for the wedding and lunch.

It was a fun morning/early afternoon visiting and shopping till we dropped! We even found the perfect dress for her! Most importantly, she loved it!

Hollys dress

I paid for the dress and we were expecting it to arrive by the end of February. By the middle of February I still hadn’t heard from the bridal salon about Holly’s dress so I decided to take it upon myself and start calling.

Day 1 – No answer

Day 2- No answer

Day 3- Still no answer.

Now, I am really nervous so by day 4 I decide to take it a step further and call the municipal hall to make sure the business name and phone number is still listed.

Me – Hi there, I’m looking to see if “ABC bridal salon’s” phone number and address is still listed in your business directory?

Municipal worker – No, I’m sorry “ABC bridal salon” went bankrupt and closed their doors a month ago.

OH NO!  So, not only is there no more business but the dress has been paid in FULL with no way to get it.

I was very mad and as someone who is not very patient I was DESPERATLY trying to find out who the owner was who took my money knowing she was closing! I wanted to give her a piece of my mind.

My mother thankfully calmed me down and I began the search for Holly’s dress at another salon (all the while not letting Holly know about the issue!).

Thankfully, another salon over 1 hour away carries the same designer. I called them and they informed me that I am the THIRD bride to call about this issue with “ABC salon”. Apparently, “ABC salon” has known they were shutting their doors for over a year. One woman called being a bride herself, who was 1 month away from her wedding with out a dress!

The new (and wonderful) salon informed me that Holly’s dress could be ordered and here before the wedding! We are expecting it to arrive any day.

I still get a little worked up, thinking about the women who let me give her my money for a dress she knew I was never going to receive.

However, when I have a moment of anger I just stop and think that all that matters is my wonderful sister-in-law will have a beautiful dress that she loves for the wedding!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. As if - is there not a better business bureau or something you can call to get yor money back??

  2. Holy Frig!! Im mad just reading that!!! I would be sending her a nasty letter in the mail to her home, or put a nice letter in the newspaper!

    Im happy it worked out for you. I also need to go dress shopping for your wedding! Fun Fun

  3. That's awful!!

    It sounds like you handled it really well, I would have been completely flipping out.

  4. Um.... yeah but you are still entitled to your money!

  5. THAT'S HORRIBLE!!!!!!!! I'm glad it's working out though!!

  6. I agree with Stacy that you should complain to the BBB. I know she is closed and out of business, but it would be on record if she re-opens. Not very ethical for sure. Holly will be lovely in the gown!

  7. Holy Moly you are getting close!!! So glad you got it all figured out with the dress! I know you were nervous!

  8. I'm pretty sure it's the same ABC bridal salon I know of...if it is I know exactly who the owner is :)

    Thankfully it all worked out in the end!!!!