Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wedding Wednesday – Getting Gussied Up!


Happy Wednesday everyone! This week is pretty busy as far as wedding related activities go. Pretty much every evening I have either something to do for or with the wedding.

I know most of you expected to read about the stag today. Which was kind of my plan. However, as someone who is usually trigger happy with the camera, I normally have a plethora of pictures. Being at this end? Not so much. It’s coming.

On Monday however, I did do a very exciting thing. I went for my make up and hair trial!

I can be a very untrusting person when it comes to my hair. I’ve had some nasty hair styles/cuts in my day! Lately, I haven’t had to worry because I have a great hairdresser and friend, Lisa.

Lisa, is married to Luc. Who also happens to be in the wedding as one of Ryan’s groomsmen. We knew that Lisa could be very busy the morning of the wedding between Luc and their two small children.

Since I wanted all of us girls to get ready together I started about thinking about the option of hair and makeup coming to us. It’s a very niche market but with some research I found…


Peggy’s Mobile Hair Care

I knew immediately, via e-mail, that Peggy was very professional and knew her bridal hair! Once I had booked her (almost a year in advance, Peggy is very busy with lots of weddings!) I never worried about how it would turn out.

Monday I was excited about my hair trial. My only worry was that I wouldn’t be able to express what I wanted as far as a hair style goes. Peggy started doing her magic and within 40 minutes I was coiffed as if it was my wedding day…it was perfect!

Here are my inspiration pictures taken from the Etsy store where I got my hair bling:


Via FineNFleurie


Afterwards, I went over to the make up chair where I met, Christina who did my make up. This wonderful girl came in with a suitcase of make up! Being that I don’t wear alot of make up I was a little worried about how I would look.

When Christina turned me around and I saw my face it was awesome. She had done just as I asked, natural but special.


My make up via Iphone picture.

I wish I could show you pictures of my hair but I had Peggy take it down so I didn’t have to fight with Bobby pins. You’ll just have to wait! :-)

Happy Wednesday!



  1. LOVE it! Oooh so exciting! I can't believe how close it is!

  2. So lovely....I can't wait to see the look on Ryan's face when you walk down the aisle to him...I will have a great view!