Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Chad Brownlee And Dallas Smith


Holy Moly! Last night was a Tuesday night. Normally for me, that means supper and bed by 8:00 PM. NOT LAST NIGHT!

Last night was epic!

Last night, Jill and I crossed the ferry super excited for the night ahead! He jammed out to Dallas Smith the whole way to the city.


Once we were there we were seated and then seated again to a better table! We sipped on some cocktails and snacked on some appetizers.


Jill ordered a burger and I ordered a steak. I still can’t believe they charged me so much to cook my own food!


How it arrived, raw! But having the steak EXACTLY how I like it, AWESOME! So good!

We ate during sound check and had a perfect view! A couple hours later, the place was PACKED! I could feel my self getting a little panicked about the crowd and just then Jill suggested we head over to the table where some wonderful ladies we know from the area were seated!

The had extra room for us and I was SO thankful to be tucked away from the big crowd!

The tickets said 8:00 PM. We thought that is when the guys would start playing, WRONG!

10:00 PM and Dallas Smith headed on stage.

I was beginning to wonder if our night was a flop being that the band started so late! NO WAY! Dallas Smith made the wait TOTALLY worth it!

He was awesome singing some of his newest work, covers and a couple songs from his Default days! It was AMAZING!

Chad Brownlee was up next and got the crowd rocking to his hit music!

Our seats ended up being perfect! We hopped up on the backs of the seats and got a great view!


The Boys of Fall finished the show together on stage for the finale!



We were hope by 1:00 AM and so tired but it was SO worth it!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. It was so great seeing you guys there, and glad that you could join us in our "booth." Both Chad and Dallas put on an amazing show! Will be downloading a few Default tunes for my iphone too!

  2. Mmm, I could go for some onion petals and a Texas Tea right now! haha! It was such a fun night, Chad & Dallas made it all worthwhile!! :)

  3. I have absolutely no idea who any of those people are! Haha. BUT, I am so glad that you had an awesome night!