Monday, November 26, 2012

It’s Beginning To Look A lot Like Christmas


Happy Monday everyone! It’s white here. As in, there is snow. The only problem with that: The weatherman never said it was coming. So, when you work in the snow ploughing business, like we do at this little farm, being surprised by snow in the morning is not so fun! There’s a buzz around the office as things get changed from laying sod to taking out the shovels.

It’s this weird transition stage at work. Where you have to go day by day. One day we are still harvesting sod and the next we could be out on the roads removing snow. One person around here is VERY anxious for the snow. Ryan, is an avid snowmobiler and is so looking forward to the season to start. On Friday night, we headed to the local bar, Gavan’s, after work to fill out the paperwork for the snowmobile pass!  


I joined him at the bar and decided to get a drink. It had been a rough Friday afternoon.

Friday at gavs

We had great plans for Friday night. It was going to be date night. THE PLAN was to stay home, make a new recipe together, decorate the Christmas tree and rent Iron Man.

The only thing that came out of date night successfully, this recipe for homemade Mac and Cheese with bacon and leeks! (YUM!)

mac and cheese

Date night was officially a disaster! In fact, we went to bed not even speaking to each other! ha ha! I might have been a little irrational due to a certain monthly visitor.

Actually, that’s just sugar coating it. I WENT EXORSIST/CRAZY LADY on my husbands ass! I was a blubbering mess. Crying about date night being ruined. Ryan was very good about the whole thing and stayed super calm. Which was good since I was the COMPLETE opposite of calm.

By 7:30 I was in bed fast asleep!

The next morning my internal clock had me up at 5. After lying in bed thinking about the night before, I felt horrible. I knew I was being a crazy PMS lady. So, I quietly got up and went downstairs to make some breakfast in bed for Ryan. It was my little way of apologizing for being so nuts the night before.

breakfast in bed 

Ryan went to go lay sod later that morning and I joined one of my best friends (since kindergarten) for a very special outing! We were headed to Renfrew to go pick out her wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses for her upcoming July nuptials!

We had a blast! All the girls are awesome and I had such a great time chatting and giggling with them all. By the end of the day the beautiful bride found the most beautiful dress! She is going to be one gorgeous bride in July!

We also found our bridesmaid dresses! 

Dress shopping

That night, Ryan and I headed to the city. We had a quick bite to eat at one of our favorite places, Lonestar. I could easily eat my weight in their salsa and chips! Yum!


That evening we headed to Fitzroy Harbor to attend the stag of one of my best friends (and bridesmaids) Rebekka and her fiancé Josh. They are getting married in January and we are SO excited for them!

Wish I had gotten a better picture of Josh in is “special” outfit. 

bekk and josh

The hall was packed and everyone was having a blast! One of the games that Ryan and I participated in was a balloon around the ankle game. You had to go to the dance floor and pop other peoples balloons. The last balloon standing won the prize! It was mayhem when playing but SO much fun!  

bekk and josh 2

Sunday morning it was off to church for a special baptism and lunch. Perfect way to start the morning.

I was lacking sleep fro  the night before so after church I went down for a quick nap.

As soon as I woke up, it was off to work around the house getting ready for the upcoming Christmas House Tour! It is one week from today but we are feeling very ready!

One of the tasks that I wanted to complete was picking evergreen from the bush for my clay pots on the porch! It was pretty cold so I broke out the tuque for the first time this year!

sunday tuque

Later that night, we put in the famous Wayne Rodstad tape and decorated our Christmas tree. We had a bunch of new ornaments this year that we could to put on the tree for the first time. It was fun reflecting on the past year!

Christmas ornaments 012

How was your weekend?



  1. hahaha, I think we are allowed to be crazy,irrational, blubbering mess once in awhile. It happens to the best of us! I was also all of those things at some point this weekend so there must have been something in the air!

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  3. UGH. I hate when date nights end like that. Seems so much worse than regular nights! Glad you had a good rest of the weekend though! And send some of your snow my way!

  4. Looks like you had a great weekend!! :) I love the new blog look! So cute!

  5. MEH. We allllllllllllllll have those nights which are just a WASH because of crazy fights LOL. That mac & cheese looks FANFREAKINTASTIC though. And your Christmas tree?? I have MAJOR envy going on right now!! I'm on the hunt for new tree ribbon-- is it like, candy cane striped?

  6. You are allowed to have an off night, we all are! Thanks for coming to the lunch, I know heather and Patrick appreciate it. What a busy weekend! Can't wait for the house tour, it will be my first one.