Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Our First Dance


One of the hardest decisions Ryan and I had to make when planning the wedding was choosing a first dance song. We just could not agree! At some point, we had to come to a compromise otherwise we would be dancing to Stroke Me by Billy Squire (Ryan’s choice!).

So, in order for us both to get our own way, we decided to each pick a song, put our choice in an envelope and give it to the D.J and surprise each other. The D.J would play half of my song choice first and then Ryan’s half next.

My song choice: Forever and Ever, Amen by Randy Travis

“Oh baby I’m gonna love you forever
Forever and ever amen
As long as old men sit and talk about the weather
As long as old women sit and talk about old men
If you wonder how long I’ll be faithful
I'll be happy to tell you again
I'm gonna love you forever and ever
Forever and ever amen”




Next, our M.C announced it was time for Ryan’s choice. And this is what started playing:

Married To My Pickup Truck by Rodney Carrington

Im gettin married to my pickup truck
It doesn't leave me when im down on my luck
It doesn't shop at fancy stores or have a lawyer
Or want a divorce
It doesn't care if I stay out late
It doesn't bitch about the money i make
We'll be together till the end
It won't sleep with my best friend
Im gonna get down on one knee
And ask my truck if it'll marry me


Finally, Ryan’s real song choice came on. And I was SO surprised! I never even knew that he knew this song. It was SO Ryan and SO us!

Farmer’s Daughter by Rodney Atkins

“Well I heard he needed some help on the farm
Somebody with a truck and two strong arms
Not scared of dirt and willin' to work
till the sun goes down
So I pulled up and said I'm your man
I could start right now and we shook hands
He said the fence needs fixin',
the peaches need pickin'
And the cows need bringin round
I was haulin hay, I was feedin the hogs
and that summer sun had me sweatin like a dog
So I cooled off in the creek
then it was back to work in the daggum heat
I was cussin' out loud, thinkin bout quitin'
Lookin' back now I'm sure glad I didn't
Cuz just when I thought it couldn't get no hotter
I caught glimpse of the farmer's daughter

She was just gettin' home from Panama city
she was all tanned up and my kinda pretty
When her eyes met mine
I was thinkin that I would sure love my job
as the days got shorter our talks got longer
the kisses got sweeter and the feelings got stronger
so we'd hop in the truck and get all tagled up
every chance we got
we were down by the river all night long
when the sun came up I was sneakin' her home
and draggin my butt to work
with the smell of her perfume on my shirt
I'd be on the tractor she'd be on my mind
with that sun beatin' down on this back of mine
Just when I thought it couldnt get no hotter
I fell in love with the farmer's daughter”



Then for the last verse the wedding party joined us.

“We got married last spring
Woah and there ain't no better life for me
I'm still haulin' hay and feedin' the hogs
and that summer sun has me sweatin' like a dog
so I cool off in the creek
and she brings me outta glass of sweet ice tea
I'm on the tractor and shes on my mind
and I can't wait till its quitin' time
and just when I think it can't get no hotter
I come home to the farmer's daughter
Yeah the farmer's daughter”



Happy Wednesday!



  1. i really wish we could do-over your reception and I could have stayed for the dancing and stuff....poor Maddy was just not herself so the responsible parents we are - we had to pack up and head out before the dancing and fun started - sigh!

  2. I'm so glad Ryan didn't let me interfere with his song choice... it really was the perfect fit for you guys! :)

  3. Aww such a cute idea! Love it. Although, I think if Alex knew about the pick up truck song he would have wanted that one! Haha

  4. I love that you both got to pick a song! And I also love that he picked a joke song too! :) So funny!

  5. Ha, ha, that Ryan of yours!