Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Reception – Part 5


Happy Wednesday! Wow! It was has been a while since the last time I wrote a wedding recap! I guess I know that they are coming to an end and I just want to stretch them out for as long as possible! 

The last time I wrote a wedding related post I had finished up the speeches and Ryan got a special gift from my parents!

Next, it was our turn to talk.



Apparently I was very giddy during this part! ha ha!

We thanked our parents, the wedding party, and everyone who made our wedding day possible for us!

When planning out our speech we couldn’t agree on who was going to speak first. So, of course, as we handle all of our disagreements, we played rock/paper/scissors.


Ryan won.


My speech was something that I had actually already shared with all of you. It was from this post. It explained perfectly what I wanted to say to Ryan on our wedding day.

Next, it was Ryan’s turn. To say he was not looking forward to making a speech was an understatement. He really isn’t a comfortable public speaker. But he wowed me with his speech. It was so thoughtful and amazing. He was pretty good at keeping his emotions at bay all day until this moment. His tears really touched me.

I still have a wrinkled copy of his speech in a safe spot. Sometimes in the rustle and bustle of life I remember the words that he spoke to me and remember how loved I really am.




As reception guests flowed in, the candy bar opened and the music got started, dinner was over and it was time to party!




Happy Wednesday!



  1. You guys are so cute! Big A and I hate public speaking! I barely got him to agree to talking at the ceremony! Haha. So happy for you that you had such an amazing day and you are so loved!

  2. That last picture makes me laugh - you & Bek & Amanda seem to be in a conversation, and I'm just dancing away! ha!! Must've been "Call Me Maybe" ;)

  3. Love that you played rock/paper/scissors to figure out who would go first! Love the new blog design by the way!