Monday, November 12, 2012

Getting Ready For House Tour!


Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend! Mine passed by so quickly and started out like this on Friday night…

bad friday luck

Nothing says bad luck like getting TWO yellow starbursts in the package! Boo!

Saturday morning I was off to the Onslow Elementary School craft and bake sale! Once the rounds were done there, I picked my Mom up and headed to Aylmer to grab a few large Christmas bows that were on sale!

When I got home, Dad was already there painting so I grabbed a brush and helped him out! Finally, after over 6 months of waiting for them, I have basement doors!!


When Ryan arrived home to help after the morning hunt, Dad and I tried out his gun for fun. Holy frig is it ever heavy! I’d never to able to actually shoot the thing without dislocating my shoulder!


Once Dad and Ryan were gone for the night, I turned on the tube and relaxed for the night!


After a great long nights sleep, I was up on Sunday morning and off to church for a special Remembrance Day service. Congregation members brought in special memorabilia that they had from the war.

Here is our minister’s husband, Reg with Brodee who is trying on his flight jacket.

Reg and Brody

After church and lunch with Dad, it was back home to bring in some Christmas decorations! I set up the two Christmas trees and some garland. It’s felt so nice and cozy having them lit last night. I’m already getting excited for Christmas!

I know it’s pretty early to set up a tree. Especially for me. I usually like to not even plug in any lights until AFTER the first Sunday of advent.

However, this year is a special year. Our church puts on a Christmas Home Tour every year as a fundraiser. This is where people can buy tickets to view 3 or 4 homes from the community all decked out for Christmas. This year, Ryan and I will be opening our doors to show off all of the renovations we have completed over the last 4 years and our decorations!

So, let the decorating begin!

bare tree

How was your weekend?



  1. You are so much nicer than me! I don't even want people I know and relatively like in my home. Haha

  2. Oh, Lindsay,
    That picture of Reg and Brodee is just the cutest ever. I stole it, thanks.