Monday, November 19, 2012

Euchre Champs!


Happy Monday everyone! I hope your weekend was wonderful and passed by as slowly as possible!

If any of you know my husband in real life there are two great past times that we loves. Golf and snowmobiling. Since the golf season is now long over he has been obsessing over snowmobiling.

Between getting the sled ready, getting the parking spot ready, hoping for snow and getting trail passes, it is all the occupies his mind.

This past weekend was the last weekend of the (old style) Quyon ferry. When the ferry closes every year it marks the beginning of winter. It closes us off from the Ontario side of the river for another year. No more ferry rides to Ontario. Driving to the nearest bridge instead.

On Friday, after Ryan mentioning it over and over again a few times, we decided to head over to Arnprior, Ontario to go get the Ontario snowmobile pass. Of course, Ryan had to bride me with supper at a restaurant called, Tosh in order for me to go.

After a delicious supper, we decided to get a long detour back to the ferry to check out any Christmas lights that may be already turned on. There were few lights on but we found this house, who had more lights then I had ever seen!


Saturday morning, Ryan was off hunting, so I got to work around home. Getting more Christmas decorations up and doing laundry!

In the early afternoon I got ready to head out the door to a Euchre tournament hosted by friends Sharon and Wayne at Westbrook Farms. My partner Jill and I were excited to get there and get playing.

Jill, who had just started playing Euchre a week ago was a great partner! Between some drinks, snacks and rounds of cards the afternoon passed by in a blink. Jill and I found ourselves in the semi-finals.

It was down to us and another team in the finals for the money that was given as an entry fee. It was such a close game at the end but in the final hand we suddenly won with a final score of 10-8! We couldn’t believe it! We were so excited!

euchre 2

euchre 1

Thank you Sharon and Wayne for hosting such a fun event! It was a perfect way to spend a chilly November afternoon!

With Jill and I still feeling very excited about our win, we headed to Gavan’s to celebrate. The place was pretty packed with young kids from Ontario (last Saturday night of the ferry) and locals for the snowmobile kick off party! We enjoyed one of our favorite bands that plays at Gavans, Demos.

Sunday morning, Ryan and I actually slept in till 9! It was amazing and rarely happens! Ryan headed to hockey as I finished the laundry room construction. Cleaning up dust, nails and scrap wood. And I am SOOO excited to say that the room is complete. Before and after pictures to come soon!

When Ryan got home, we hung some new wedding picture frames around the house and decorated one of our Christmas trees!

All day, in the Crockpot, I had this soup cooking! The house smelt so good. Of course, nothing tastes better with soup then homemade bread!

tomato basil soup

I was very happy with the soup! It looks exactly like the recipe picture, tastes great and is husband approved! Success!

Between a nice Friday night date, trying a new recipe, decorating for Christmas and becoming a Euchre champion, I’d say it was a great weekend!

How was your weekend?



  1. You have to snowmobile more this year with Ryan! :)

  2. Looks like you had a great weekend! And woo hoo for winning!

  3. Sounda like a great weekend!And that soup looks amazing!

  4. What kind of soup was that? Making me hungry!