Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Family Day Weekend 2013


Happy Tuesday everyone! Around these parts, some people were off work and some people were not. Family Day is a long weekend for the private sector in Ontario. Being that we live right on the Quebec/Ontario border, some people take it and some don’t.

On our farm, we don’t take Family Day off but being that I have Mondays off in the winter, it felt like I celebrated the holiday.

It was a VERY exciting end of the week around these parts! After many, MANY days searching, Ryan has found a new truck. We have only been driving one vehicle since the wedding to save some money. Increasingly this winter we have discovered that it wasn’t working. That Ryan needed his own set of wheels. We also decided that a used vehicle is what was right. Ryan walks to work and hardly would put a lot of miles on a vehicle. With that in mind, buying used made a lot of sense practically and financially!

Here’s his new baby!

Ryans new truck!

2006 Dodge with only 90,000 KM on it.

Another exciting thing about the end of the week was that Friday was our annual Snowmobile Trip. Every year, we invite good clients who have their own sleds (and we rent a few for those who don’t) for a day of fun around the Pontiac! We treat them to lunch back and Ladysmith and then supper and drinks at Gavan’s. It’s always a great time!

family day weekend 6

family day weekend 5

Ryan was away this past weekend on a snowmobile trip. As much as the trip sounded fun, after being away so much, I just wanted to be home for once. So, I spent my weekend with this guy…

family day weekend 2

We puttered around the house doing chores, watched ALOT of movies with our feet up…

family day weekend 4

I had a delicious and OVERDUE lunch date with some wonderful friends and made a meatless homemade marinara sauce from canned tomatoes from my garden! Yum!

family day weeekend 3

It was exactly what I needed to do this weekend. Have some “me” time. I really feel like things are back to normal after my crazy travel schedule this winter.

Being that Monday was my day off I headed to the city with a long list of errands to run! Luckily, Mom joined me and we had a yummy lunch at Montana’s! Perfect ending to the weekend!

family day weekend 1

How was your weekend? What did  you do?


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  1. Looks like a great weekend to me, I did much of the same - just sitting around watching TV and movies, reading & relaxing! :) Snowmobile trip looks like it was a blast!!