Friday, February 22, 2013

I’m Over Winter


Happy Friday everyone!

This is that time of year where I go ahead and write my “I hate winter” speech. And really, in reality, I should be the LAST person to complain about winter. I’ve hardly even been home!

Between spending almost 2 weeks in 27 degree weather in Florida….

And then a week in chillier temps but still no snow San Diego….

I shouldn’t even care. I should be ready for a little winter. But I’m not. Because I really hate it that much. After spending about 2 weeks solid at home now in the cold and snow, I am ready for spring.

I’m ready for random trips for ice cream.


A weekend night BBQ and swim at the pool.


And pool parties.

Pool Party 2012 006


Canada Day Golf Tournament 2012 005




Mae McCann

And not having to wear socks and bundle up everywhere you go!


So what brought on this Friday rant? Well, the other day I was walking home from the office for lunch. It was a cold, windy and snowing day! Pretty much miserable to be outside at all in. I was speed walking to get out of the cold as fast as possible. Then, I looked down and saw this…


A sign of spring maybe? A little hope for me that is for sure! I haven’t seen pavement on the walk to and from work in a long time. Truthfully, it brightened up my spirits. It made me think of the next season to come.

Hopefully sooner rather then later.

Come on spring! I’m ready for you!

Happy Friday!



  1. OMG me too! I have had enough of winter, it's making me crazy. I want to feel the heat of the sun on my face, and get some color back into my pale white skin haha. I want to be able to sit outside and have a drink, smell something cooking on the bbq, go for walks when I get home, I want to go boating and fishing. I want to be able to wash my car. I just want this white crap to melt already!!!(I know our men who snowmobile dont want to hear this, but honestly i just hope it rains and it all melts --- or I might boil a whole bunch of hot water and start throwing it outside HA)

  2. I'm actually okay with winter this hasn't been that cold really. I remember it being WAY colder as a kid and having to go outside for recess and all that junk lol! But this winter really hasn't been too bad to me and I HATE the cold! I am happy that when I leave work it's still sunny out and spring is just around the corner though :)

  3. I didn't even have to read the whole blog (but I did) just the title...made me think ME TOO! I am not a fan of ever...even at Christmas...I hate it! Anyways just when I think winter is going away, we get more let's hope this is it - next week, I hear temps are +7 but then I hear of people saying 10 cm of snow tomorrow...I have only heard rain so let's pray for rain!
    Rain dance perhaps?

  4. I'm with ya, girl. I need some drive-with-the-windows-down days soon or I'll go crazy!