Friday, February 15, 2013

Lent 2013


Happy Friday everyone! Hope everyone’s Valentines day was filled with love! I certainly got spoiled! Ryan shows his love to me everyday with special little things but on Valentines day he goes out of his way to do something extra thoughtful.

As a Christian, we are currently in lent. What is lent? According to Wikipedia:

“The traditional purpose of Lent is the preparation of the believer—through prayer, penance, repentance, almsgiving, and self-denial. Its institutional purpose is heightened in the annual commemoration of Holy Week, marking the death and resurrection of Jesus, which recalls the events of the the Bible when Jesus is crucified on Good Friday, which then culminates in the celebration on Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

During Lent, many of the faithful commit to fasting or giving up certain types of luxuries as a form of penitence.”

I am pretty faithful every year and give up a luxury. Whether it be sweets, swearing or something else. This year is no different. This year though, I am giving up something that I have never done for an extended period of time…


Yes, for 40 days, I will not be consuming any form of meat. A lot of people ask, and yes meat to me includes fish and chicken.

Will it be hard? Oh heck yes! My husband is a “meatatarian” and I have some form of meat at least once a day! But, being hard is kind of the point. I’m suppose to pray for strength and guidance to get through the next almost 6 weeks.

That being said, I’ve taken an “a-type organizing freak” approach. I’ve pretty much planned every meal for all of lent. There’s a lot of new vegetarian recipes that are coming into our home and alot of meatless takes on some old favorites!

Today will be one of the hardest days. Today is our annual company snowmobile trip that takes us to one of my favorite restaurants, Ladysmith Hotel. Their wings are some of the best around! Today, I will snack on a meat less lunch as I watch others enjoy one of my all time favorite treats!

Wish me luck!

What have you given up for lent?



  1. Good luck! I went vegetarian for a week (just as a fun challenge) and I thought THAT was hard!

  2. Ry will be in his glory today spending the day on the snowmobile .

  3. Good for you, Lindsay, you can do it. We will be waiting to hear about your new vegetarian dishes. What are you going to do for protein?