Monday, February 4, 2013

Fun Filled Weekend!


Happy Monday everyone! Hope everyone’s weekend went slow and that you got to enjoy every bit of it! I know Ryan and I sure did!

Friday night we had friends Josh and Amanda over for a some supper! We started out with a treat from the city…Lonestar Chips and Salsa! Yum! We also had some pizza, peanut butter cookie ice cream sandwiches and of course lots of wine for us girls!

Scooter and Tucker



The evening went on with a riveting game of Sequence! It’s a game the 4 of us never get sick of! We can play for hours on end! Its always boys versus girls and of course some “serious” betting is on the table. Aka: Now, I have to make Ryans lunch for a MONTH!

Saturday morning I started doing some things around the house. Puttering away at the endless chores that always take place. I also got my Valentines decorations up!

That afternoon it was off with some of the best friends a girl can ask for to Renfrew for a belated birthday lunch for Priscilla! This year all the girls turn 30 and this 25 year youngster has to plan some fabulous for all of them! Any ideas?

That night, I headed to Amanda’s where all the bridesmaids had gather for snacks a movie! The bridesmaids watched bridesmaids! Such a funny movie!

Sunday morning, I headed to my parents house for coffee and breakfast. After a nice visit with them I headed home because I had to continue doing stuff around the house and start packing…more on that later!

Back at home, we settled down with more Lonestar chips, salsa,queso dip and wings while watching the Superbowl! Really, the Superbowl is the only American football that we watch all year!



How was your weekend?



  1. i want lonestar chips and salsa...may have to make a trip to the market one day this week - since not having them saturday night, I have had a mean craving! LOL

  2. I guess it depends what everyone wants for their 30th bday but you could rent a cabin/cottage for a weekend like at Fiddler Lake or tremblant! I think even Fort Coulounge has some cabins now too? probably not as fancy but closer to home, or take the train to Montreal for a girls weekend - watch there's always good ideas/deals!

  3. I didn't know Lone Star had takeout. I love Farm Boy's Salsa, and now am craving some! Maybe a trip to Le Nordik would be a fun thing to do as a group of girls.