Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wedding Details – Other Parts Of The Attire


Wow! The last time I posted a wedding post was in the middle of December! I better get my butt into gear if I want to finish them by the time our 1st anniversary rolls around!

There were some special details about the things that we wore (and carried) on our wedding day.

One of the special gifts that we got for all the guys in the wedding were these custom Nikes. We drove for over 8 hours each way in order to place the order for these shoes. They wouldn’t ship them to Canada. But, the long drive was totally worth it! Not only did the guys have a neat gift but they also had shoes to wear on the wedding day!



While I wore special pearls from my husband, I wanted the girls to have a special piece of jewelry as well. They wore these faux pearl bracelets and necklaces with yellow flower detail. 


The bouquets are one of the most important things about a girls attire on the wedding day! Both for the bridesmaids and for the bride! The girls carried all yellow bouquets of Gerber Daisies (my favorite flower), yellow roses, and yellow mums. I loves how they turned out and they were a nice pop of color against their dark navy dresses!


My bouquet was similar to those of the bridesmaids but had a few white and pale yellow roses. I loved my bouquet and I wish I could have this same arrangement of flowers on my table all the time or maybe just for anniversaries (hint, hint Ryan)!



All the guys in the wedding (including Dad’s) wore one Gerber daisy and one mum as their boutonniere.


All the other special ladies that were involved in the wedding wore beautiful yellow corsages that again were of Gerber daisies, roses and mums. (Mums of for the Moms and Grandmoms?)


My gift from Ryan was of course my very special first set of pearls and pearl earrings….


What I haven’t told you about yet is what my gift to him. Unfortunately, I have never had the pleasure of meeting Ryan’s Grandfather. But Ryan had shown me a special pocket watch that belonged to him but no longer worked.

Before the wedding I stole this watch from him (without him noticing) and arranged for it to be fixed to working condition again. It was then cleaned and shined up for the wedding. I wrapped it up in a custom men’s jewelry box that had our wedding date and “Forever and Ever, Amen” on it. I had arranged for the wedding planner to deliver it to him on the morning of our wedding.



I’m still shocked that I was able to get this watch out of his possession without him noticing! And I think he was very happy to have this piece of his Grandpa on him that day. Although, there is no doubt that he was there looking down on us on our special day.

There are so many little things that you need to think of when getting ready for the wedding. Little items that you have to think of. But it is really true what they say…Eventually, it all does come together!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Such a cute idea to get his pocket watch fixed! Love!

  2. Yes Ry's grandpa was looking down that day . He was thinking Wow Ry you picked the most BEAUTIFUL Bride . Dad will be watching over you's all the time . Thank you so much for getting the watch fixed .


  3. Oh, Lindsay....that brought tears to my eyes, what a very thoughtful, beautiful thing to do. I gave Reg a pocket watch for our wedding.