Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wedding Details – DIY Style


Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s a snowy day in this small town today with snow squalls to boot, yuck! But the good news is that I only have a 30 second walk to my heated office! It’s day’s like today that I REALLY appreciate my place of work, home!

I am officially getting towards the end of the wedding recaps! Weird to think that in a few months Ryan and I will have been married for 1 whole year! I can’t necessary say that the year flew by but it was so full of amazing moments that I can’t help but look back fondly.

When planning the wedding I knew I wanted to get my craftinesss in there and make some things myself for the big day! It was important to me to have a more personal touch to our wedding.

One of the items that I made that I was MOST proud of was our wedding programs. It took a long time to specially cut all the different lengths of paper but I loved how they turned out!



For the church I found a picture a long time ago of a stump of wood used to hold candles! Well being that this farm is surrounded with wood I had no problem finding material to make this candle holder for the back of the church.


I can’t really say that I “made” these but I did assemble them! Mason jars wrapped with raffia ribbon for vases and candle holders!


We also made the white and red wine that was on every table! Again, long process but very rewarding!


We had torn down an old barn on the property years ago and saved all the old barn board. It REALLY came in handy for some wedding projects! Don’t worry I asked permission first! :)

I made a sign for the church that said “Wedding” and one for the dinner and dance venue that said “Reception”.


As well as this one that was hung on the back of an old love seat from the original farm house.


Not to mention all the hard work my Dad put into making these table numbers for the reception out of the barn board!


I also decided on a small project for the seating tags that were hung on an old farm ladder! (Old tricycle found in farm house attic)



While re-doing the old basement and making it into a laundry room, we decided to replace the windows. The windows that we were replacing were ORIGINAL to the house (about 1912)! As old as the windows were they were still in great shape and I loved the look for them. So, we gathered old family photos from family and made three window pane frames. One for Ryan’s side of the family, one for mine and then one of our parents and ourselves. Thanks to Eugene for finding us the third window pane!

I loved how these turned out and they now hang in the hallway leading to our bedroom! So special!


I’m not going to be humble here…because truthfully I am friggin’ proud of all of the things that I made for the wedding. It was a lot of work but it was so satisfying to make things for our day. To have my own special touch around the venues and for our guests celebrating with us to enjoy! I am very happy that I was able to use materials from around the farm rather then going out and buying something mass produced! Having all the homemade touches made it from being any other wedding to being “ours”.

Happy Wednesday!



  1. The special little personal touches were beautiful, and it was obvious you had worked hard on all of it! Very nice :)

  2. Everything looks awesome! You did a great job! Sorry for the late response! You weren't showing up in my feed again. WEIRD!