Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend of Birthday Celebrations


Happy Monday everyone! I hope that you all had a good weekend! I feel as though the weekend was about 2 seconds long because it was so filled with fun activities!

First, on Friday I attended one of my favorite events! Book club! The first meeting of the 2013 year was held covering the book, Middlesex. Even though I didn’t love this book, I did love sharing and discussing it with a wonderful group of ladies. There is something so refreshing about sitting around on a Friday night with snacks and some great girls. I feel renewed after every meeting.

Saturday morning it was off to celebrate the 1st birthday of Tanner!! It is so hard to believe that this big guy is already 1! It’s been great watching him grow over the last 12 months!

Birthday Boy

February Birthdays 002

Friends having fun on the bouncy castle

February Birthdays 003

Landyn and I at the party.

February Birthdays 004

Another birthday guest and buddy Daniel! Loving his big blue eyes and big smile!

February Birthdays 012

Unfortunately, Ry and I couldn’t stay too long at the birthday party because we were expecting some special guests at any minute!

When we got home we were greeted with Ryan’s cousins Dean and Michelle as well as their girls, Charlotte and Amelia. We had a great visit and catch up and the girls had a good time dressing Tucker up in all of his clothes!

tuck 2

Tucker loved having the girls at our place and they were so good about spoiling him! He loved all of the extra treats and attention!


Saturday evening we all packed up and headed to Renfrew to celebrate the big 5-0 for Ryan’s mom, Bev! It was a great supper with family and a great after party celebrating the life of a wonderful woman.

Happy Birthday Bev!

February Birthdays 017

Amelia and Katelyn at supper!

February Birthdays 019

Sunday morning we all woke up and enjoyed a visit over breakfast. By late morning Ryan’s cousins were back on the road to their home and we were kind of stuck with what to do with the rest of our day. We were kind of tired but opted to pack up and head to the city to do our February date envelope! But, more on that to come!

february date

This weekend was so FULL of family and friends! Nothing is better then that! It was also nice to spend the whole weekend at with my husband! After Ryan being away all last weekend it was nice to have that time to do things together! How was your weekend?



  1. Thanks for Tanner (and Maddy's) gifts...Maddy loves the car keys and plays with them...actually she plays with all his new stuff and gets mad when he tries to play with HIS toys...LOL

  2. Bev does not look thrilled! Tucker is so patient, he looked all "Tuckered" out after playing dress up. My weekend was beyond awesome...sipping champagne while swimming in the open ocean in the Carribean.....

  3. We had an awesome visit Linds. Thank you so much again. Love you both xo Michelle, Dean and the girls