Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Sure Sign Of Spring…Is It Just Us That Get’s Excited For Robin’s?


I know it’s spring if you were going by the calendar. It’s even beginning to feel a bit like spring! The sun is out and that STUPID snow melting…finally! But in this family, it’s not REALLY spring until someone see’s the first robin.


My Dad always says that it really ISN’T spring until the first Robin is spotted! I don’t know what scientific proof he has of this but it’s something that he’s made both my brother and I believe since we were kids.

For as long as I can remember my brother and Dad have had an annual competition to see who can see the first Robin. The rules are that whoever see’s the first robin must notify the loser immediately and state the time and day of when the robin was spotted. If a way of contacting the loser is unavailable, there must be a witness.

Clark William Alexander Hamilton 027

Every year the loser knows he had lost if he hears…

“Hello. On today’s day of March (enter date here) at (enter time here) AM/PM I (heavy emphasis on the “I”)saw the first robin.”

Then, usually there is some profanity getting spewed by the loser.

It’s a fun tradition that Dad started when Jared and I were kids. I sit back and love to watch them both sweat and drive abnormally slow during the spring as they start the search for this red breasted bird.

There’s no money on the line. Simply just bragging rights for the rest of the year that “he” was the one who was LUCKY to see the first Robin.

This morning at the office, our last day before Easter weekend is to start, my brother is an unhappy camper! Yesterday afternoon he got the famous call from Dad as he was parked right in front of a Robin on his way home from the city. There is a lot of gloating and bragging going on in their end of the office. And I am here smiling like crazy for a few reasons….

1. The fun tradition my dad has started with us. It’s a way of making us look forward to spring and anticipate the arrival of this fresh season after a long winter.

2. It is finally spring! The first robin has been seen and I can’t wait to see the first one with my own two eyes. It really isn’t spring in our family, until that robin is spotted!

What are some fun family traditions that you have?



  1. Crap, I forgot to tell my mom this morning that robins have been spotted! She'll be so excited! haha!

  2. I haven't seen any here...may be spring in Quyon, but not in Orleans.....I still have feet and feet of snow in my yard!