Monday, March 4, 2013

Spring Cleaning Has Started!


Wow! Where did  that weekend go? Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Truthfully, it was a very quiet weekend around these parts. Which was really nice to have a weekend to just relax and do as we please.

The weekend started out great with a fun and fast curling game with friends Amanda & Josh! We joined curling in the new year and we love it! We love playing the sport together every week and we love the chance to play on the same team with two of our best friends!

Unfortunately, we lost our game but we did come in second place overall! Play offs start soon!

Saturday morning Ryan and I slept in and it felt wonderful! After a lazy morning we made breakfast and watched T.V. Ryan left to go on (probably) one of the last rips on the snowmobile! Since I had the house to myself I decided it was time to start on the spring cleaning list! First up, my closet!

Last New Years, I turned all of my hangers around the opposite way. If I wore something I would hang it back up the right way. Since it’s been OVER a year, the things still hanging the wrong way I put in the donate pile! I also let go of a bunch of things I wore while partying in University. I don’t have a need for that many fancy clothes anymore. I also threw out things that I would “one day fit back into” when in reality, I probably won’t and even if I do, those items aren’t in style anymore.

The pile

spring cleaning

I was very please with the donate pile! And now my closet is nice and clean! With extra space! Things aren’t so jam packed any more! Drawers can open and close more easily!

Sunday morning Ryan and I headed to church with my parents and then had breakfast at their house afterwards.

After a yummy breakfast Mom and I took the short drive to friends Kerry Lynns who was hosting a steeped tea party! We got to sample a bunch of yummy (and not so yummy) teas and enjoy a few hours of visiting with some wonderful ladies! I can’t wait for my new sample of teas to come!

The rest of the day was spent watching Netflix and making some meatless homemade soup! Soup is quickly becoming one of my favorite things to make!

How was your weekend?



  1. That's such a great idea with the clothes! I just went through and tossed everything I hadn't worn lately. Bagged it all without a second thought and donated it! I have no clothes now but at least I don't have a bunch of clothes I don't wear. Haha. I think we deserve shopping trips!

  2. I love loose tea! I have a nice little collection from David's Tea. Let me know what types you end up liking most. I like rooibos selections (as well as other)- but they are caffeine free and really delish! Have a good week. Michelle

  3. I love tea! I have an insanely bad addiction to david's tea (I own way to much haha)and thats such a good idea with the clothes I should probs through my clothes I still have things from highschool and I should probably get rid of them

  4. what a great idea with the hangers. I am waiting for school to be over so I have time for things like cleaning out closets.