Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wedding – Photo Booth Fun


Happy Wednesday everyone! This week is going by pretty slowly but I’m in super high spirits so I don’t even care. I have a fun and busy weekend ahead and so part of me wants to skip ahead to that but I’m having a great week so I’m hardly thinking about it! 

I saw my fellow blogger friend K from Down at Fraggle Rock show a series of photo booth pictures from her wedding and I thought it was a great idea and want to do the same.

The photo booth at our wedding almost didn’t happen. I always loved the idea of a photo booth and when I found a company that would bring an old fashioned one (you know the one you sit in and it will spit out 4 pictures) to our reception, I booked it! They later told me because of the extra mileage that it was going to be extra for delivery. I was THIS CLOSE (makes small space between point finger and thumb) to cancelling the whole thing.

We already had wedding favors on the tables and a candy bar. I thought that was enough. But, after thinking about it, I figured why not! It was something that I had always pictured being at my wedding. At the very least, if it didn’t get used then it really didn’t matter. 


You can kind of see it behind Ryan and I

Well I didn’t have to worry at all about it not being used! In it’s little corner I saw flash after flash and people came in and out of it with ridiculous hats and glasses on! It was there all night long and the pictures got even more funny as the evening went on.

One miscommunication did happen with it. Usually, there is a basket out so that a set of pictures can be given to the bride and groom for a scrap book. I had paid extra so that we could have a C.D of all the proofs! Someone had set out a basket and by the time I had noticed it was already full of pictures! I’m still glad that we have the C.D of proofs because not everyone left us pictures…probably because some are VERY funny! ha ha!

So, here is just a SAMPLE of all the pictures (over 150 individual photo strips were taken!) that were taken that night in our photo booth! Ryan and I were so glad that everyone had a fun time with the photo booth! We hope that they will look back on their photo strip and think fondly of our day! 

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Of course, as the bride and groom, we had VERY little time to go in the photo booth. But, I did steal my husband away for a quick second so that we could have our very own photo booth picture! So worth it! Loved having that moment with him!


Happy Wednesday!



  1. The photo booth was hilarious!!! I loved it!

  2. awe Nany and Aunt Sharon. :) I keep my pics at my desk at work. They make me laugh. Michelle

  3. Thanks for my morning giggle!

  4. I seriously have NO recollection of being in the photo booth with Kerry! haha!! Too funny!! It was definitely a hit with the guests!!!

  5. So glad you went with the photobooth! I knew that I wouldn't regret doing it, but I WOULD have regretted NOT doing it!

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