Friday, March 15, 2013

What’s Going On Around Here


Happy Friday everyone! I am feeling so “blah” this week and I am so glad that the week is over. The biggest thing that has me down is the weather. The weather was very “spring like” earlier this month and now we are back to winter. Snowing and cold temperatures are depressing.

There are a few things that are new in my life and things that are on my mind lately that I figured I should get out via blog post. Let’s start with…

My Hair!

Earlier last week I decided that it was finally time to get a hair cut. My last trim was 6 months ago. It was LONG overdue. I had been getting sick of the lack of style so I took the plunge and chopped off a bunch of locks! So far, I’m loving the shorter style. It’s fairly easy to take care of because my hair is naturally very straight. I'm sure I’ll be sick of it in another month though…ha ha






I swear, it seems like every blogger and their dog is in an uproar about Google reader going down. And honestly, I could care less. I never used my google reader and read all my blogs though the Dashboard. So, I don’t really get the big deal. I will NOT be getting a bloglovin’ account and I will not join bloglovin’ to read other blogs. I mean, what if a blog I like doesn’t start using bloglovin’, I won’t be able to read it? So I say, screw bloglovin’ and everyone should just use the dashboard! So much easier!

It would have been an awesome drinking game though! Taking a shot for every blogger that said “bloglovin’” yesterday via post or twitter…I would have been HAMMERED!


Four year old…*tear*

I MAY have gotten a little choked up on Tuesday when I went over to visit this little cutie on her big 4th birthday! I was a little proud that she loved her new Easter dress that we got her and insisted on putting it on right away! She is such a girly-girl! There’s just something about the age of 4 that seems special to me. First, it makes me feel super old that 4 years have passed since she was born. Second, 4 just seems so grown up. She’s a kid. A full blown, ankle biting, talking back, attitude giving and yet amazing child. I just love her so much!


Clearing getting ready to bite my ankles here…

Faiths 4th birthday 010 

Michael Kors

My husband (and a bunch of guys) are going to Myrtle Beach for a golf trip early in the spring. Where he is staying just happens to conveniently beside an outlet mall. I may have warned him within an inch of his life that if he brings back a rinky-dinky Myrtle Beach key chain when he is BESIDE an outlet mall he will be in trouble.

So to give him some help, I’ve been texting him pictures of potential souvenir options.

For example:
Get shopping hunny! :-)


Truth be told, I actually don’t mind working out. But, I am REALLY getting sick of indoor workouts. I want some fresh air and sunshine! Shockingly, I want to get running outdoors again! I haven’t run all winter long and I want to get out there and get moving again.

I think I need this shirt though for that extra “push”! ;)


That little teaser of spring got me thinking about my current wardrobe! As you may remember, I went through my closet and tossed a bunch of old stuff. Most of that stuff was from my college days. The “fancy” things that I’d wear out to the bars. I have no need for those kind of cloths anymore. Now, I wear a uniform every workday and immediately when I get home, change into yoga pants. On occasion I go for supper out, church and maybe a couple other birthday/shower events as well.

While going through my current wardrobe (and using my pinterest style board) I started trying to make different outfits with the pieces that I have. I am need in some basic things one of them being a striped shirt like this one below! I need a spring shopping trip, STAT!


Being that I live in a VERY small town, we don’t have any where to actually go for coffee like a Starbucks or Tim Hortons. Sometimes, there will be workers coming from the city and will bring coffee (sucking up works!).

Roll Up The Rim To Win contest is famous in Canada and every year us Northerners roll up our rims to try and get some free stuff.

Being that I don’t easily have access to a Tim Hortons, I don’t play that often. But, I am really lucky this year. For the 3 times that I have actually had a Tim’s coffee, I have won every time! Going on 3 for 3! 2 donuts and 1 coffee! At this rate, I’ll win something big soon….hopefully!



Happy Friday everyone!



  1. I am glad that I am not the only one that isnt switching to Blog Lovin, I don't get this sorta stuff but like you, I just read my blogs from the Blogger Dashboard thingy!

    Nice to know the guys are beside an outlet mall, I have been rubbing it in Ricky's face that's it not fair that he gets a vacation and I get diddly squat and that he doesn't even talk to me about it first before making the decision to go and he didn't take us anywhere last summer...NOW that I know there is a mall, I may expect him to come home with something for me...Ryan and Ricky will have to lay off the golfing for at least an hour to get us something good!! LOL

  2. OMG! I totally need that Channing Tatum shirt. Oh, and to get my ass back on the treadmill. Haha. I think I'm starting a weekly "get fit" type link-up if you're interested. Something to keep us all honest and get ready for bathing suit season. Haha

  3. I definitely need that shirt!

  4. Love your new hair cut!! Love Channing Tatum!

    I did make the switch to blog lovin ester day, but I agree it s definitely getting some love lately!

    Have a great weekend!!

  5. I don't like the dashboard (don't hate me) :-( SO hard to use and keep up with like 900+ blogs. Everyone likes the reader, because it is easy to tell if you have read a post and whatnot. I'm following you via bloglovin by the way :-) It's awesome!

    Your hair looks so cute!

  6. Happened across your blog the other day, super cute! Count me in as a new follower :) I love your hair cut, i get bored of my hair pretty quick, too. Can't wait to get to know you better! :)

    1. Hey Emily Beth!

      Thanks for following! You should try setting up your account so that it is not a "non-reply blogger"! Then we can e-mail back and forth! :)
      Thanks for the nice compliment about my hair! It's nice to have a new style!
      Have a great weekend!