Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Flying Elbows Widow and Birthdays Galore!


Every year, at the end of March, there’s an event in the next small town over called The Flying Elbows Hockey Tournament. This event has been run for many years and it brings teams in from many places to play and raise money for a great cause! This year’s cause was Do It For Daron (D.I.F.D) which raises money towards mental health. A great group of guys from the community organizes this event and helps to ensure it runs smoothly. One of those people, my husband. I had to laugh on the weekend was I was a fellow Elbows wife post that she was a “Flying Elbows widow”. You see, even though the event is only held 20 minutes away, the men stay over at the arena (in trailers, Uhaul’s, and ice fishing shacks!) from Thursday to Sunday. We do not see our men at all during this time…unless you go and watch a game or two.

What’s weird about Ryan not being home during those days is cooking for one again. It’s almost like I forgot how to. So weird. The good part is though that I can make whatever I want...even if Ryan doesn’t like it! Hence, Friday nights pita pizza FULL of veggies! Yum!

pita pizza

Also, a great treat for this solo weekend was an Arbonne party at friend/cousin/fellow blogger Stacy’s! Although I opted out of the facial, I did REALLY enjoy my foot soak! Heavenly!

Foot spa

Saturday morning I was up early to make food and wrap presents for a birthday breakfast party! We were celebrating Faiths 4th, Clarks 2nd and my brothers 30th birthdays! Everyone was in pretty high spirits including Clarky who had decided he wanted to start the party that morning at 1:30 AM.

Clarks second birthday 001

Clarks second birthday 003

The kiddos had a blast playing and running around the house! Their cousin Riley was there for the fun too! I had fun chasing after the 3 of them trying to get a picture!

Note: Faith’s 1st outfit

Clarks second birthday 005

Riley is a great little poser for pictures!

Clarks second birthday 017

The birthday girl was SO into her party! It’s such a fun age! She really understands what everything is about now!

Note: Faith’s 2nd outfit of the morning

Clarks second birthday 028

Finally, after breakfast it was present time! Faith ripped right into her stuff and Clarks. Ryan and I gifted Faith this new Ballerina bathing suit!

Note: Faith’s 3rd outfit

Clarks second birthday 040

Faith with her new detective kit from her grandma!

Clarks second birthday 045

Clarky opened this new tractor and could care less about anything else for the rest of the day! Such a boy!

Clarks second birthday 049

Faith and Clark’s big gift from their parents was their very own violin! Our whole family is very musical and both kids have showed an interest in playing some sort of instrument!

Clarks second birthday 054

Then, it was cupcake time! Always my favorite part of a birthday party!

Clarks second birthday 069

Clarks second birthday 073 

It was a great party with family and friends celebrating 3 very special people!

Saturday night I first stopped in at my parents home to visit a cousin from out East that my mother hasn’t seen since they were kids! It was great meeting Heather and hearing all kinds of family stories!

That evening I went to the arena to watch Ryan’s hockey team, Chainsaws From Hell play! Although they lost, it was a great game but the best part was sitting with friends and chatting!

Flying elbows

Sunday it was off to church for Palm Sunday service and then a DELICIOUS breakfast for a Lionettes fundraiser! It was one of the best fundraiser breakfasts I’ve ever been to!

The rest of the afternoon was spent watching Prison Break, doing laundry, putting up Easter decorations and making food!

And, I am happy to report that my husband is now home in one piece after his weekend away!

How was your weekend?


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  1. hes home for a week and then you are cooking for one for another week - that part I am actually looking forward to - coming home and being able to just make us pancakes for supper and not have Ricky turn up his nose! LOL

    I love that Faith changed clothes all morning!!