Friday, March 1, 2013

A Year of Dates – February


Happy Friday and welcome to March! March is the last real month of winter. And, luckily for me, March is always crazy busy. Full of activities, work responsibilities and lots of birthdays! Here’s hoping it goes quickly so that spring can be here!

Ryan and I successfully fit in our February date that he planned last weekend! It was a tough one to fit in with a bunch of work responsibilities taking me away for a couple of weekends this month! And that’s one of the greatest things about these dates, on a month that we didn’t think we would have time to go on a date with just each other we MADE time!

This month it was Ryan’s turn to plan February’s date.

feb date 8

Ryan told me after I opened it that he wanted to make sure this one was a little special since it was Valentines month! :-)  (I did giggle when opening it to see the little spelling mistake!)

Feb date

It says; "Going skating on the canal, beaver tails, move and supper with your loving husband.”

Fun!! I was so excited!! It sounded like a wonderful day together!

Last weekend, we packed up our skates and headed to the city to skate on the world’s longest skating rink. A pretty iconic spot in Ottawa and a place we do try to visit at least one a year! It was nice and quiet on the Rideau Canal because Winterlude was over.

feb date 7

feb date 6

After skating for a while we decided to rest our feet at a picnic table on the ice and grab a snack…one of my favorite foods….a Beaver Tail! YUM!

feb date 5

We skated back to where we had started off and changed out of our skates. It was on to the next stop, an early supper at Lonestar!

The great thing about eating at Lonestar is that they have some really great meatless meals that I can enjoy! Lonestar really is one of our favorite places to eat!

You always have to chow down on their complimentary chips and homemade salsa to start.

feb date 4

We then ordered the fajitas for two! Half chicken for Ryan and half vegetarian for me! Yum! And I have to say, this was the first time that I ordered the vegetable fajitas. And, I actually like them BETTER then the meat option fajitas! They are my new go-to meal at Lonestar!

feb date 3

After a delicious meal, we headed over to the movie theatre to get our tickets. Being that Ryan planned the date, it meant that I could pick the movie. It was a toss up between Argo and Identity Thief. After taking out my handy phone, I googled both options. Argo had RAVE reviews and so I decided that is what we should go and see! Perfect timing, right before the Oscars!

We settled in with our popcorn to share and watched this AMAZING movie!

feb date 2


I really recommend anyone seeing it! It is just a wonderful story and you are constantly sitting at the edge of your seats while watching it! Ryan and I talked about this movie the whole hour long drive home!

We were pretty tired when we got home but I was so glad that we had decided to pick up and go on that Sunday even though we were very tired. The planned date was awesome but the lesson was even better. Learning that life is always going to be busy but making the effort to spend time together (even when you don’t feel like it) is always a good idea!


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  1. Dean and I are planning a date this weekend- much needed. :) The fajitas looked so good! I will maybe try them next time I go there. Dean and I saw Argo on our last date, and we also really enjoyed it. It was really well done. Much love, Michelle