Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Baby W–34 Weeks


*Each bumpdate is from the week before. I am currently 35 weeks and 5 days pregnant!*

34 weeks

34 Weeks as of February 28, 2014

This Week:

This Momma is officially feeling OK and ready if Baby decided to arrive early. After a wonderful surprise shower on the weekend I feel like we have what we really “need” for a newborn. Are things exactly perfect? Washed and put away? No. But we have the essentials that are needed for a baby and that feels good!

Baby This Week:

The waxy protective coating, vernix, is becoming thicker this week as lanugo continues to shed and may be almost gone this week! Inside the womb, the baby’s lungs are continuing to mature and is starting to practice how to breath! The baby could be moving lower into the birth canal. Baby is around 5 lbs now, almost 18 inches long and about the size of a cantaloupe.

Maternity Clothes:

Getting through the last few weeks with what I have! Still wearing non-maternity tank tops underneath some low cut shirts! I am finding this week that I am kind of starting to hate pants or tight clothes. I SO look forward to the end of the day when I can throw on an extra large pair of super joggers and one of Ryan’s t-shirts!

Stretch Marks/Weight:

Ok…forgot to weigh myself this week but my appetite is slowly starting to decrease so I’ll be interested to see how that reflects next week. Baby will be steadily gaining weight now till the end!

Stretch marks are all over the right side of my belly and few around my belly button. It’s weird to see my right side of my belly so covered in stretch marks but none on my left. Not very balanced! ha ha!


Not so much movement as before. I can tell baby is running out of room. I notice the movement most when I have had something to eat. It’s just a lot of stretching and small movements.

Food Cravings/Aversions:

Small meals are key!! After an awesome movie date and supper with friend Jilly, I proceeded to have one of the worst sleeps because I just felt SO full all night! I am drinking water like it’s my job!! I cannot get enough! Its this thirst I just can’t quench no matter how much water I drink! Which makes my visits to the bathroom much more frequent!

Seems weird but I am finding my aversions suddenly stronger this week! Tomatoes, certain types of pork and suddenly peanut butter! It’s like this week my taste buds have become more sensitive!


Totally normal for this point in the pregnancy but lots of aches and pains. There’s a few hours in the morning that I feel SO great! Like I am not even pregnant! Then slowly as the day goes on I get more tired, slow and sore! My legs start to ache from the extra belly weight by the end of the day and I see some slight swelling in my toes by the evening. There is nothing more that I want to do in the evening then curl up in bed and sleep. Every chore that I do feels like a huge accomplishment! ha ha!

Other then that, I am thirsty all the time and it feels like I have a bowling ball pressing down in my pelvic bone. Somehow I have been lucky this whole pregnancy with zero back pain, which I am very thankful for!

What I Miss:

Sleeping on my belly!

Labour Signs:

I usually get 1 or 2 painful contractions a day now! I can also feel the baby is very low as the pelvic pressure is worse! I think the baby may have started to drop this week as I have had hardly any heartburn this week and my breathing seems a little better.


It was interesting to hear from the ladies at my shower what some of their guesses are. Easily, girl is the front runner but as the pregnancy goes on I am hearing some people change their vote to boy! One in particular said that my bum looks like it is the same size as it was before I got pregnant so that is why they think it’s a boy! ha ha! 

Belly Button In or Out:

Flat and non-existent!

Wedding Rings On or Off:

On but definitely not loose anymore! They are the most tight in the morning but loosen up as the day goes on! So hoping to be able to keep them on for at least a couple of weeks! I plan on taking them off around 37-38 weeks and put them away somewhere safe. I don’t want to wear them to the hospital and it’s one of those last minute things I probably won’t think of while I am in labour!  So only 3-4 more weeks, hopefully!

What I’m Looking Forward To This Week:

Again, I didn’t know it but my surprise shower! It was such a wonderful time spent with family and friends! Sometimes its very emotional thinking about all the people who are there for you and our growing family!

Every day I check my countdown app to see how many days left till Baby W and how many days till my last day of work! This week specifically those numbers seemed SO small!

Daddy This Week:

Daddy this week has a man-cold! He has spent a couple of nights sleeping on the couch so that he doesn’t ruin Mommy’s sleep with this coughing. I actually can’t complain and I liked to be able to stretch out!


Spend the money and get a pedicure! It feels amazing to a tired and very pregnant lady!

Best Moment Of The Week:

By far, my surprise shower! Realizing that we have everything we need for baby's arrival was awesome too! I feel slightly more relaxed! Ha ha! 

Actually got a pedicure this week! I can barely clip my own toe nails right now so to have someone else rub them and make them look pretty was awesome!

Movie date and supper with Jill! It has been TOO long since I saw a good chick flick! While watching the previews for soon-to-be released movies (my favourite part!), it was weird to think that we will have a baby by the time these movies are out!

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Happy 5th birthday to my wonderful niece Faith! Love you lots buddy! Ti-ti! xo

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  1. Awe glad you had a baby shower and that you are ready for baby!! Heck mine came 3 weeks early!! You look great!! Any time now!!!