Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend In Green and A Birthday Shout Out!


Happy St.Patty’s Day everyone!! I hope you are all decked out in green! I LOVE St.Patty’s Day! Always have! My parents always made a big deal out of the day since our family still lives on the farm that our Irish ancestors settled on. Every year they would tell my brother and I the story of our heritage!

When I was only about 6-7 years old my elementary school best friend gave me this little leprechaun pin! I’ve kept it all these years and proudly wear it every March 17th! I love this pin and I’ve grown so attached to it being that I have had it for so many years!


The weekend started out with a nice quiet evening! I prepared some food for the weekend ahead and worked on some laundry! We also went to visit some friends for an hour in the next town over.

Usually I am someone who cannot sleep in! But I must be tired lately because it seems like I have no issues with staying in bed! I set my alarm for 8 AM on Saturday morning just in case! I figured I’d be up hours before it went off! I was shocked when I heard the alarm sound at 8 and I had to drag my butt out of bed!

When I was finally up and ready for the day, I was decked out in green with food prepared for the Irish Tea that the young ladies of our church organizes. All the food was looking SO yummy and our little church basement looked so festive!

st pats weekend 1

st pats weekend 2

We had a GREAT turn out! At one point there were hardly any seats left! After everything was was over the organizers and myself sat down for our own tea time! After our refreshments we got to work on cleaning everything up!

I was pretty quiet the rest of the afternoon and was in bed super early! Thankfully Ryan was in a lazy mood as well so he didn’t mind spending the afternoon/evening watching Netflix movies with me!

Sunday morning it was back in green and off to church!

I met Ryan back at home in the early afternoon and we decided to head to the local bar Gavan’s, for the rocking St.Patty’s Day party…it’s pretty legendary! 

st pats weekend 3

There was an awesome crowd by the time we got there at 2:30! We enjoyed some live music, some step dancers and visiting with friends before this girl said she had enough!

st pats weekend 4

We were so glad that we went though and said “hi” to some friends and neighbours! Our town may be very small but it is very spirited! That’s why people come from ALL over to enjoy the festivities in our small village! They know its always a guaranteed good time!

Today marks another special day then just St.Patty’s Day! 95 years ago today my Grandpa Hamilton was born! Legend has it that this little leprechaun was born with so much hair that the nurses tied a little green ribbon in it.

Unfortunately, my Grandpa isn’t here anymore to celebrate his birthday with us. But he helped guide me to the love of my life, Ryan. When I found out that Ryan also celebrated his birthday on St.Patty’s Day, I couldn’t help but feel like it was sign from up above.

Happy Birthday Ryan and Grandpa! Love you!




  1. The Irish Tea that you ladies organized was delicious! And it was nice seeing you adn Ryan at Gav's yesterday.

  2. Glad you had such a good weekend! I stayed away from all of the festivities, wasn't in the mood to watch a bunch of people drink while I had soda! Oh, how I miss drinking. Haha. Happy Birthday to Ryan!

  3. Sounds like a fun and busy weekend! Happy belated birthday to Ryan :)