Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Baby W–35 Weeks


*Each bumpdate is from the week before. I am currently 36 weeks and 5 days pregnant!*

march 9 1

35 weeks as of March 7, 2014

This Week:

Has been busy! Every day and every evening there has been something going on! The lack of sleep has been inevitable this week but towards the end of the week I was so slow and looking forward to some rest!

Baby This Week:

The baby doesn’t have much room to move anymore and is getting to be about 5.25-5.5 pounds, or the size of a honeydew melon! The kidney’s are fully developed now and the liver can process waste products now. The basic physical development is now complete. So, for the next few weeks (till D-Day!) the only thing the baby has to really do is put on weight.

Maternity Clothes:

Wouldn’t have anything to wear without them! I did manage to wear some pre-pregnant pants this week to a function using the bellyband. It’s not as comfortable but for the sake of wearing it for an hour, it worked!

I am finding some of my trusty maternity shirts are looking a little short these days!

Stretch Marks/Weight:

Stretch marks on one side of my belly are there and seem to be getting longer. No other new developments about the other side of my belly and the lack of marks!

Did manage to weight myself! Put on 2 lbs since two weeks ago so a total of 14 pounds gained since the beginning of the pregnancy.


Baby definitely doesn’t have a lot of room to move but it certainly gives a good try! The body parts are so large (and bones are hard) that anything that sticks out looks funny! The creepiest feeling is the movements down below! I can sometimes feel the hands (I think) way down below.  

Food Cravings/Aversions:

Snacking is key. There isn’t a lot of room in there! One of my favourite treats lately is a homemade milkshake I have been making. It’s a couple large scoops of chocolate frozen yogurt and milk all blended up using my Magic Bullet!

My breakfast for the last 3 weeks has been the exact same thing but I have been really enjoying it! Greek yogurt topped with some sort of fresh fruit and a muffin! Yum!

Water is still rocking my world right now! So thirsty all the time!

There really isn’t anything new that I don’t like, except the usual. I try to make supper for Ryan and I to enjoy together but I would much rather graze throughout the whole day rather then sit down for a meal.


Big belly is the very first obvious symptom! There is NO question that I am pregnant. Ha ha!

1st trimester fatigue in the afternoons is a drag but inevitable at this point. Aching feet by the end of the day but not swollen, thank goodness! It’s so weird because you can feel SO tired and lazy but if a nesting idea (like cleaning and refolding the linen closet) gets into your mind you get a burst of energy and you can’t stop till it’s finished! Other times, if it’s a chore that you “have” to do like laundry, finishing it feels like a huge accomplishment because of the tiredness.

What I Miss:

Right now I miss a different season! Like most others around here, I am SO over winter!

I also missed my very last Zumba class this week! I was so exhausted that afternoon that I was having some regular contractions and decided not to go. I was glad to make it so far doing regular exercise but I miss it already!

Labour Signs:

Braxton Hicks (painless) contractions are common and I’ll get about 1 or 2 painful ones throughout the day. At my “36” week doctors appointment (at 35 weeks 6 days) he didn’t check my progress but said my belly has definitely dropped. He started talking natural induction things I could start like Evening Primrose Oil.  


Still not sure! A friend from this small town asked me to show her my butt this week to determine the gender! She said that she thought I was having a boy because my belly is all out front like a basketball and my butt didn’t get bigger!

Belly Button In or Out:

On the weekend I noticed my belly button was kind of trying to stick out! It was weird and hasn’t happened again!

Wedding Rings On or Off:

On and hoping to make it till 37-38 weeks without having to take them off!

What I’m Looking Forward To This Week:

Oddly enough, I was looking forward to a dentist appointment I had this week. The last time I went I was only about 10 weeks pregnant and was very sick. When the hygienist was trying to clean my teeth I got a little sick. I remember booking this appointment thinking how close I would be to having a baby! It was surreal to be there at the appointment that was booked so long ago!

Looking forward to some “baby” related stops Ryan and I are making after we go to our dentist appointments! 

Daddy This Week:

It’s starting to hit Daddy hard this week. I think he may be going through some “Dad Nesting” of sort! His seems anxious to get the last little things that are needed before you get here. He also had a burst of energy this weekend and worked on some nursery projects!


Pillows will become your best friend!

Best Moment Of The Week:

Dentist appointment!

Getting hospital snacks and a few other small things that are “needed” before baby’s arrival!

Doctors appointment is ALWAYS a highlight! Still hearing that heart beat is number 1! It is also reassuring to know this far into the pregnancy that I am doing well. No protein in urine, normal blood pressure, minimal swelling and basically being very normal! GBS tests results came back negative which I was excited to hear!

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  1. Glad to hear Baby W is doing well! I can't believe your doctor didn't check your progress again though.

  2. looking great and getting SO close!

  3. I sooooooooooo can't wait to meet Baby W and hold that bundle of joy in my arms..

  4. Getting close! Before Right before Lily was born I was very anxious/nervous. I had a hard time sleeping.