Friday, March 7, 2014

Year of Dates 2014–February


Happy Friday everyone! It’s actually a beautiful day around here although I know it isn’t going to last. Winter started really early around these parts and it is beginning to feel like the winter season is never going to end!

Ryan and I are soaking up the winter months as much as we can! We are trying to get as much in as possible before the spring brings an exciting new addition to our family! This includes our year of dates that we decided to do despite the change in our lives.

February was Ryan’s month to plan! I was anxious to see what he had organized for us this year!

feb date 1

feb date 13

It says, “February – Baby, baby, baby, it is the winter of love (what a goof! ha ha!)! What a beautiful way to spend a lovely day with you out in the fresh air! A sugary snack of beaver tails, and a nice stroll in confederation park to see the ice sculptures. Love you always, Your Hubby”

The date had me at “Beavertail”! One of my absolute favourite treats! While we usually skate the canal at least once a year, we rarely go to Confederation Park to view all the Winterlude activities! I was looking forward to what it all entailed!

On a chilly but sunny early February day, we headed to the city to begin our date! It had snowed a lot the day before so walking around the park wasn’t very pleasant and we had both wished we had worn better footwear! We learnt our lesson for next time! ha ha!

We arrived early in the day to beat the crowds but there were still lots of people around taking in some winter outdoor fun!

feb date 2feb date 3

feb date 4

We got in line to get a close up view of some of the ice sculptures! It was amazing to see them up close and see all the details! Also proud to see how well some local Canadians had done in the competition!

feb date 5

feb date 7

In the children’s section they had this very colourful ice sculpture! What you do is grab a coloured square of ice, a volunteer puts some warm water on it and you stick it to the sculpture! Pretty neat concept!

feb date 10

Within the park they had all these stations set up representing different winter activities and shelters! These lumberjacks were showing off some old wooden toys!

feb date 8

There was also some maple taffy from a local sugar bush! Of course we had to get some of this yummy treat!

feb date 9

Our toes were getting pretty cold and we had seen all that was at Confederation Park so we decided to head back towards the car and grab some nice warm Beavertails!

feb date 11

Definitely the highlight of the date for me! 

feb date 12

We were both pretty chilled but grabbed dinner at a pub down in the market afterwards! It was nice to warm up and continue our date inside somewhere warm!

It’s amazing the things that are available so close to home. Winterlude is one of those things that people from all over the world come to partake in! For us, we kind of take it for granted because it is so close to home. Usually if we participate in Winterlude it is by skating on the canal! Being pregnant this year allowed us to get off the ice and view the sights and activities in Confederation Park that we normally miss!

It was a nice day out in the crisp winter air together being tourists in our own city! Usually I am one who likes to be bundled up warm inside, but Ryan’s date allowed us to enjoy the Canadian winter weather together! 

Happy Friday!


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  1. Sounds like a fun date! I love that you guys do monthly dates. Such a fun idea!