Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend Recap, In Point Form


Happy Monday everyone! I hope that your weekend was awesome! I am officially on baby watch. Not only in our own household, but others as well. It amazing how my presence in public can be both positive and negative! I have never seen so many people so disappointed to see me! Instead they wish that we were in the hospital about to meet Baby W! Ha ha!

- Friday Ryan and I were both off of work. After a lazy morning it was time to start the Flying Elbows Hockey Tournament, an annual event that Ryan helps with every year! He was on strict instructions this year to be available all weekend long!

- We got a shock as we started to get ready for our day and noticed we had no water. Not even a drop…weird! After calling around it turns out the whole farm was without water! Thankfully, a team of men got to work on it right away and by that evening we had water again! I was very thankful for all the time they spent out in the cold rain working on it!

march 30

- Watched Ryan’s first game which unfortunately they lost. The next game was Friday night at 10 PM…NOT A CHANCE was I going to make it to that game!

- Went to breakfast at my parents on Saturday morning to celebrate Ryan’s birthday! A little belated but still great!

- After breakfast the boys got to work on finishing some final touches on the nursery! I am excited to say that it is just about picture worthy and I can’t wait to share it with you all! Here was Saturday’s project…hanging book shelves, which are actually Ikea spice racks that we got and painted for $4.99 each!

march 30 3

- I was feeling kind of tough on Saturday afternoon. I had been suffering from a restless Friday night sleep. Ryan had another hockey game at 7 PM on Saturday night and I wasn’t sure I would make it. Well it just goes to show you the amazing power of naps! After sleeping for 2 hours I felt SO much better and got to go to the arena and not only watch some good hockey but have a great visit with friends!

march 30 2

- Sunday morning Mother Nature played a cruel early April Fools joke on us and dumped the city with a bunch of snow! My very sick (cold, not hung over, ha ha!) husband had to get up after barely any sleep all weekend and go into work! It was amazing because around home there was hardly any snow but about an hour away there was almost triple the amount!

- By the time Ryan got home he went to bed and I just relaxed! A quiet Sunday afternoon is always one of my most favourite things!

How was your weekend?



  1. Love the picture of the guys working on the water issue and Faith is right there helping....

  2. Glad they were able to get your water back up and running! What happened to it?

  3. Being without water is the worst. Our's goes off all the time and it drives me insane
    Naps are the best, glad it made you feel well enough to go and hang out
    Hope your week is just as great :)