Monday, March 24, 2014

God Bless Everett!


Happy Monday everyone! I have to admit, I’m a happy girl today! Today is my first day of “working” from home! I got to sleep in an extra 2 hours and I am currently sipping on some apple juice while I check my e-mails in my PJ’s!

Ryan and I had a full weekend but it was honestly wonderful! We didn’t actually do anything to cross off anything from our “to do before baby arrives” list. It felt like a normal weekend but it was so full of wonderful things!

Friday night Ryan’s parents had us over for supper to celebrate Ryan’s birthday! We had a great visit and having a delicious homecooked meal is such a treat right now! Not to mention the birthday cake, YUM! 

Baby W was never far from our minds though and came up in conversation lots! After the birthday boy opened his gift, he also opened a gift for Baby! One part of the gift this Daddy was very excited about!

sens jersey

Thank you Bev and Eugene for such a wonderful night but I can’t promise I will ever dress Baby W in this jersey! ha ha!

Saturday morning our “Spring” skies opened up and dumped a pile of snow on us! It literally looked like we were living in a snow globe! Ryan headed off to work in the very early morning and after I got up I headed to our local community centre for a political related meeting.

After Ryan got home we relaxed a bit and then decided to grab groceries and pizza for supper. It has been a long time since we have bought a pizza from a restaurant and we were FLOORED by how expensive it was. We have calculated it out that it costs us about $7 to make one of our homemade pizza, so paying well over $20 for one took us by surprise! It was a treat but one we certainly won’t be indulging in too often! ha ha! Homemade is the way to go in our house!

Sunday morning was a very special morning! Ryan and I got ready and then headed down the road to a special church service for our nephew Everett who was getting dedicated! Ryan and I were so proud to be asked to be Everett’s godparents. We are also his older brother, Clark’s godparents and are so happy to be his as well. We always try to recognize the special day for him. These too boys mean the world to us and we hope that as we watch them grow, we can also help them in any way they need spiritually.


After a beautiful service it was back to my brothers and sister in law’s for more celebrating! As I have mentioned before, March is a busy month for our family! Sunday was also my brother Jared and Clark’s birthday!


The birthday boys were up late the night before at the hospital because one little monkey was jumping on the bed and needed 7 stitches from a hard fall!

We had a yummy lunch, the kids were playing and then it was time for birthday cake! It was also Faith’s belated birthday so it was Cars and Princess cupcakes!



It was a great afternoon spent with friends and family celebrating so many blessings! We took the LONG (aka: right across the road) commute back home after all the excitement and just spent the rest of our weekend relaxing!

How was your weekend?



  1. Oh Poor Clark - what a way to bring in his birthday, but he's a boy, it's expected! I guess they are practicing NO MORE MONKEYS JUMPING ON THE BED!!

  2. Don't you just cherish special family times <3