Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Has Sprung….Sort Of!


Yesterday marked the first day of spring and I couldn’t help but look out the window behind my desk and ask, “Really?”. Besides the frigid rain that is falling from the sky, it doesn’t feel like Spring. I think the fact that it felt so UNspring like yesterday, that it put me into a bit of a funky mood. By the afternoon I was done. Clocked out mentally and wanted to just go home and crawl under the covers. Of course, that didn’t happen. I faithfully sat at my desk until every last employee left. I wasn’t happy, but I did it.

Today is a new day. Today it still feels like winter but there is a difference between the two days. Today marks my last “official” day of work before the baby comes! I am SO looking forward to not getting up at 5 AM anymore and sitting at a desk for almost 12 hours a day. I just feel like my body is ready for a couple extra hours of sleep every day.

It has me thinking of our Spring baby’s arrival that is coming and what life will be like afterwards. Truthfully, I have no idea. Did you know that spring is my favourite season? I love the feel of a warm sun but cold breeze at the same time. I love watching my grass and garden get brighter and brighter as it comes back to life! But I can’t help but think what this Spring will entail.

Being that I have no clue what my days will be like post baby #firsttimeMommaproblems I thought I’d talk about things that I HOPE to see happen this Spring. It’s not so much a list of goals, but more so a list of things I am going to work towards.

Gardening…and actually getting something out of it this year! Truth be told, I had a garden last year. I have a garden every year. Getting out and working outside in my gardens is one of my most favourite things. It gives me such great satisfaction to grow something! Last year was a rough year. After my surgery, I couldn’t do much in my gardens from doctors orders. Then, I got pregnant and the morning sickness hit me like a freight train and all I wanted to do was crawl in a black hole. I had a garden last year and it sucked! In fact, the only thing that I actually “harvested” from my garden was tomatoes and when I went to can them, I got violently ill and haven’t been able to touch anything tomato related since.

This year, I’d like to actually get in the garden again and make it something that makes me proud. My cellar is seriously lacking in preserves! If we were living in the old days, we would have starved this winter!


Start meal planning again! Pregnancy taste buds are weird. I will try to make a meal plan and stick to it but a craving will take over my whole being until it is satisfied! Or, something may sound delicious at the beginning of the week and I can’t even swallow it the next. This has made meal planning hard at our house and it’s something I prided myself in before. It made our lives SO much easier and I can’t wait to get to that point again.

Spruce up the porch! Our home has a beautiful and big front porch! I love it but it’s a little tough to decorate. We got some beautiful rocking chairs for Christmas a few years ago, that I love but other then that, our porch sits kind of bare. It really is a shame because it’s a beautiful piece of extended living space! You are shaded under the porch and it’s my most favourite place to be during a thunderstorm! I want to make it more welcoming and more useful. The only problem, I don’t want to spend a lot of money! So, I’ve been searching on the beloved Pinterest to come up with some ideas. I’ve also been thinking of all the antiques that are still sitting on the farm that I could use! Here’s hoping I can make this space gorgeous and useful!

The colors and arrangement have a comfortable feel.  I like that!  Cat relaxing adds a nice touch too.

Have I ever mentioned my dream of having a wooden porch swing?? I LOVE them and have always wanted one of my own! I am hoping this Spring is the year!

Make my closet user friendly again! One of my very first home renovation projects was my walk-in closet. I still love it and it still remains one of my favourite renovation projects! That was well over 5 years ago and things have changed dramatically in my life since doing that closet. I’m now married and about to enter into Mommyhood! I have SO many clothes in my closet that I am hanging onto “just in case”. The college shirts that I would wear to the bar…Do I really need them? Do I really need 6 “going out” shirts? The pair of jeans I don’t even really like but I am hoping to fit into again “one day”? Should they really be taking up precious inventory? The bulky sweater that I got as a present in college that I don’t even like but feel bad getting rid of because it was gift. Should it really stay? It’s time to get real about my closet. It’s a project that I wanted to tackle when nesting but realized it would be better to wait until after baby and after my life gets somewhat back to normal. I need to be less emotional about my clothing. I mean, they are just things that cover my body! I need to think realistically about my life now and what I wear on a regular basis! And, stop filling up closet space with items that are “too cheap to pass up” and I never end up wearing! I want to walk into my closet and have fewer quality pieces that I can mix and match with. It was a lesson I learnt when pregnant. I can get away with a lot less clothes. Instead, I can be more creative with mixing and matching with quality pieces that I love to wear!

This one is kind of bad but…wash the house windows! Here’s a confession, it’s been over 3 years since I have washed the windows in the house. This is getting done!

Finally, the number one thing I want to see happen this spring…

BECOME A MOM and live in the moment. Too often I am distracted by everyday life to step back and enjoy the small things. This has to change and it is more important now then ever.

What are some of your goals this Spring?

Happy Friday!



  1. A) It's my last day too! Yay!
    B) I hate you for your walk-in closet
    C) If you get a porch swing, you have to take a picture of yourself, along, laughing and send it to me

  2. I haven't been able to wear any of my pre-pregnancy pants since I had the baby. Even though I had lost all the baby weight, my body is just a different shape and my hips are wider, so they just don't fit. Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones though!

  3. Love you walk in closet!! I'm jeAlous!!!
    I'm soo ready for spring! As I comment it is snowing! I'll take the rain!! I see positive temps in the forecast and it makes me happy!!