Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend Recap–Shop Till You Drop


Happy Monday everyone!! I hope you all enjoyed the last weekend in May and the start of June! I woke up yesterday and couldn’t help but wonder where the month of May went. It flew by! That’s always the case when your days are filled with things to do!

The weekend started off with a fun start on Friday! I haven’t been away from Sam for an extended period of time for a while! I know that the time is coming where I’ll have to be away and it’s good for Sam, Ryan and myself to get use to it. This picture inspired my Friday activities…


Sam has these Sleep Sheep that he loves to sit and talk too. It’s been his buddy since he was a few weeks old. Jill always joked that it reminded her of the baby off on Look Who’s Talking when he talks to his mobile friends. When she suggested that we have a movie night to watch it some time I jumped at the chance!

On Friday we ate some take out and sat down for Look Who’s Talking! It was SO good and even more funny now that I have a baby of my own to relate to. I left Ryan and Sam at home for the evening and it felt great to unwind for a couple of hours.

Saturday morning there was a last minute change of plans and I had to cover for my brother and head into the office for a bit. It was actually really quiet and I got in a nice visit with my niece Faith!


Saturday after Sam went down for a nap in his crib and I got to head outside to work in the garden! It felt good to get my hands dirty, get some weeding done and work on this little project. This sign used to say “Just Married” so I turned it around and re-painted it! I planted a climbing vine as well.


Ryan ended up having to work late so I grabbed a quick chipstand supper!

On Sunday we were up at our usual early time but instead of lounging around we got ready and hit the road for the city! Back in March, Ryan got some gift cards for new clothes! The man was in DESPERATE need for some new duds! We had planned and talked about making a whole day out of the shopping trip but with the arrival of Sam and the busy season at work, it hadn’t happened yet! Finally, we decided it was time and we got shopping on Sunday morning right when the mall opened!



Hitting the road.

It’s not very often that a shopping trip is 100% about Ryan, especially when it comes to clothes! But, we had a good time shopping for him and picking out stuff for his new wardrobe! We literally shopped…



Till we dropped!


We had grabbed a late lunch in the city so we just lounged around home and put away Ryan’s new clothes!

I feel like I blinked and the weekend flew by! I love when the weekends come because Sam and I get extended time with Ryan! It’s short and sweet but makes us look forward to another summer weekend again next week!

How was your weekend?


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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend!! In all honesty I would rather shop for M right now than myself!!! Lol! Or house or baby stuff, not that Noah needs anything at all!! Lol